Why elite bankers would never want to explain the following to the “man on the street:” Why do we have a cost of living crisis? A housing crisis? A debt crisis? What do these U.K. & U.S. graphs mean? Because the capitalist model has never been guaranteed to allocate resources fairly we supposedly have Government policies that mitigate the worst excesses of the system. Those days however have long gone. A living wage and a roof over your head should be the bare minimum requirement that a Gov’t should legislate to provide for a functioning prosperous society. Gaddafi’s socialist Libya managed to provide that. Their citizens even received a monthly payment from the Nations oil production. Homelessness, at least in the U.K., has gone up since the 2008 Credit Crunch (which according to the late Earle, aka, Christopher Story, was actually caused by the “on-shoring” of trillions of illicit offshore money that was then laundered through the U.S. Real Estate Markets - that’s been covered in my other posts). The banker bail outs ushered in an era of “belt tightening” Austerity measures. The cost of those bail outs is still being felt 10 years later as Gov’t cuts in social services continue in order to reduce the Gov’t debt). Who do the Government and right wing media blame and escape goat? Clearly it’s the unemployed, sick and disabled, who have faced savage cuts to social services while tax cuts for the wealthy and Corporations are rolled out. Why not throw in the homeless and vilify them too with fines for sleeping rough? My local council just tried that but residents thankfully opposed it. CONT’d in Comments. ——————————————-#Inflationistheft #Elite #Bankerscum #Banking #Fiatmoney #Inflation #Deb#Debte #Debtbubble #Debt #Debtcrisis #Ponzischeme #Fraud #BIS #BankforInternationalSettlements #IMF #WorldBank #CentralBanks #BofE #FederalReserve #ECB #EndtheBIS #EndtheBofE #EndtheFed #EndtheECB #CityofLondon #WallStreet
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