Seriously guys, energy cannot be created. Why not just harvest the excess before Yellowstone goes catastrophic?? #rethink #sustainable #energy #denuclearize #endoilwars #geothermal #Yellowstone #cutthecord #energyhealing #healingenergy #norush #noworries #namaste
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Reflecting on this year, thankful for the lessons and growth. #TheRevolutionHasBeenGoingOn Disconnect from the systems that kill and enslave. I have not been right these last 2 years,like a lion with a thorn in the paw or a infected tooth. I have not lived up to my full potential, and I apologize to those of you in the Kingdom that I may have rubbed the wrong way,insulted at any point or offended. I have only recently thru lots of self work gotten my spin back. At one point my wobble was so loose,I thought that was it. Having people approach me to apologize, made me realize I'm the one who should be apologizing. I took a lot of things personally, actions beyound my control. Truth is the magic was gonna take care of everything, I had only need be more patient. Lesson learned. I'm on the warrior path. The warrior path is one of sacrifice and honor. Words mean things, actions mean more. I WILL TRY HARDER. I made a promise to the Great spirit when the old one saved me at Pico Blanco. #56GoHard I have not lived up to my full potential these last 2 years. But that was then.... Take back ur heritage. Grow food, forage, live simply... Walk bike hike, #stopPointlessCombustion Just because others around you might not believe in global warming or climate change,don't let that deter you from following ur heart thru your actions. You are on the light side of history. Trust me on this. #Thoth #EndCarCulture #EndOilWars #BanPointlessFlights Regardless of #Emp2019 people have to start to take actions,drastic actions in their own lives, You CANNOT wait for a govt to properly regulate consumption or corporations to do the right thing. #HaveAHeart #Compassion #DirectAction Where are the feminists? The women warriors of the revolution? Because #GlobalWarming affects minoritys and women around the world with devastating effects.. What did you do in 2017 to be part of the solutions? REFLECTION. That's what these few cold weeks are for...It's not to late to change. #BeTheChange
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My move to big sur by bike. Took 3 trips. Down hywy 1 from SF to big sur. Then back up 1 to Mt Madonna and over to gilroy,Morgan Hill and San Jose. Then take El Camino real to the city. 4 days round-trip x 3. #FuckUhaul #IHaul #endOilWars #StopPointlessCombustion #Bike This January will mark my 17th yr of being carfree. It was not always easy,but it's somthing I am proud of and know that I am on the light side of HIStory. If your not part of the solutions,you are the problem.
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On aime revivre le passé du moteur du temps où il ne nous faisait pas encore peur . we like to relive the past of the motor of the time when it did not scare us yet #nopetrol #findupétrole #finishoil #endoil #endoilwars #galery #nb #bw #sepia #cabongaz #stopoil
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Stop 🛑 KINDER MORGAN 🛢 💦 Thousands of posters made at the art jam! The Tiny House Warriors set up for a new paint job too! Singing, story telling, and being inspired by people who are continuously standing up for mother Earth 💕 💕 So much peace to come forth! 💕 Do the best you can to respect yourself, others, and nature! #stopkindermorgan #endterrorism #nature #vancouver #burnaby #nopipelines #endoilwars #love #tinyhousewarriors #333 #1111 #freedom #redgateartssociety
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