This week, we’re obsessed with the @alzassociation. Alex captioned a team for the Walk to #EndAlz in Chicago last month in honor of her late grandmother & her aunt’s current battle. Feeling generous? Make a donation to her team: Keaton Clan 💜
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Today I am thankful for my mama. Even though seeing her with Alzheimer’s breaks my heart every time we are together, I am so thankful to still hold her hand and tell her I love her. Tonight my middle kiddo (who we have always said is mom’s spirit animal), took extra special care of Grandma. Strange because a few weeks ago she was scared of her? Evie wanted to feed her, give her water and wipe off her mouth. Mom yells randomly and every time she did Evie would say, “Mom.. Grandma wants water or Its ok Grandma. You will be ok.” 💕 My mama heart is happy and sad. Sad that this isn’t what I pictured my kids relationship to look like with their 68 year Grandmother, but happy that they hopefully will always have some memories with her. Thank you Lord for another Thanksgiving with my precious mama. 💕 #endalz #hilarityforcharity #earlyonsetalzheimers #alzheimers #alzheimerssucks #melaniesmemoriesmatter #manyfacesofalzheimers
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Went and had Thanksgiving dinner with my Annie. It was a wonderful evening. #hermemoriesmatter #alzheimers #endalz #endalzheimers #mygrandma #memoriesshouldlastalifetime
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