Learn ~ Unlearn Live life Moment to moment Forgive ~ Forget Clean the slate Begin Again ❤ P.S. - Happiness visits when you hold nothing inside ❤ ~ let go ~ #throwbackthursday #life #conversations #emotionalhealthisimportant #bekind #releaseandheal
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Finally got around to watching the #sense8finale and it really is such a shame #Netflix had to cancel this show. While not everyone's cup of tea, it was right up my alley. I mean, imagine being soooo connected to others that you never feel alone?! Oh, I'm sure it would feel a bit crowded in one's head from time to time, but the feeling of acceptance, love, all of that which we all strive to feel, I think I would like that very much. . . . #mentalhealthisimportant #emotionalhealthisimportant #loveislove💚
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I don’t post pictures of myself exercising, like, ever. But today for the first time I looked at this and saw someone that actually looks fit. Progress isn’t made overnight, and there have been lots of ups and downs for me. I’m proud of how far I’ve come and have learned how to enjoy the journey. #patience #emotionalhealthisimportant #bettereveryday
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Ok I have a little boy but he pretty much is still an identical mini version of me and WOW is he sassy right now! I love him to pieces but he is definitely doing great at pressing all the buttons right now, before returning briefly to a very lovely toddler. Yesterday he told me he was a "bad boy". I know I have never said it to him and I soon realised why. He decided because he was a bad boy, he was going to make sure he WAS a bad boy. I tried to say to him "You aren't a bad boy. You are a fab little boy and sometimes it is hard being a toddler to make choices". "No Mummy, I AM a bad boy" (like it was an awesome badge of honour). So it's something I can see myself needing to work on with him over the next few days. I don't believe in toddlers being "bad". They may not make the right choices, they may do silly things or even dangerous things but they aren't comprehending 100% what they are doing and it is not bad - it is learning, experimenting and pushing boundaries. Even if he did something "bad", I'd want to focus on "X behaviour was bad" vs "you are a bad boy" because it just seems a little rubbish for them emotionally. Still I did lose my cool after an hour of walking a 5-10 minute walk and constant "Going to be bad" behaviour. Here's to a gentler and happier day for us both ♥️♥️ #gentleparenting #toddlers #learning #parenting #parentingwithpain #emotionalhealthisimportant #mentalhealthmummy #complexptsd #depression #anxiety #terribletwos #lovebombing
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Just a little share of yesterday before my "crash" and today without make up!! LOL no matter what I am going through life is good!! Happiness is a choice, it's just that sometimes others have a harder time working on it!! #Ibounceback #getagripgirl #standup #neverstaydown #mentalhealthisimportant #emotionalhealthisimportant #mytherapistrocks #noshame #gethelp #iaintmentojustcrazy #angerissues #controlitdontletitcontrolyou
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My accomplishments - met an important deadline - kept my promise to my husband that I would get to a point that I would not have to go into work on my days off unless there is a meeting - I completed my tasks I only have to go in for a meeting that I want to be there for - spend quality time with my fur kids Today - I get to meet my lil Opi in a few hours - I get to see my lil Monster - I get to spent time with my bubba and sissy - go to our meeting - spend some time with friends - quality time with hubby working on my dreads and movies Tomorrow - date day with the hubby - see my marmy - pick up Chris for the weekend - work on crafting This week I have really put myself in check I am gonna take some time over my days off to better organize myself for work to ensure that I am able to complete all tasks every week to keep my promise to my hubby and family that my days off for them. I got my wisdom teeth taken care of Making sure to spend time in prayer every day I feel emotionally better today then I have in a long time. #Godisgoodallthetime #familytime #happywife #furbabymama #craftylife #emotionalhealthisimportant #gonnabeawonderfultwodasoff #auntielife
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