Happy Friday!! Actions are more powerful than words. Do something great for yourself AND for others this weekend! 👊🏻
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You, young woman trying to find yourself. You, badass power girl working on smashing that glass ceiling. You, entrepreneur creating as you go. You, mum nourishing and supporting your family. You, sister supporting and championing those around you. You, daughter making your parents proud. I'm constantly inspired and amazed by the numerous hats women wear. The ability to stretch and flex and absorb so much and still give so much. The selfless and compassionate way women can support and champion each other and find solidarity. So you, yes you, reading this. Know you are amazing. Every. Single. Day. Even if your hair isn't washed. Even if you have vegetable puree on your clothes. Even if that presentation at work didn't go right. Even if you didn't win the client. Even if you're still figuring it out. The truth is, we're all still figuring it out and making it up as we go. And we are all wonder women. ##health #happiness #happy #wellness #wellbeing #healthcoach #love #selflove #selfcare #healthy #purpose #nourishnotpunish #lifestyledesign #amazing #alittleselfcare #travel #min#mindset #growth #fitgirl #opportunity #create # #coach #mindset #bodylove #bodywisdom #emotionaleating #balance #worklife #freedom
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I need at least 5 people to inbox/dm me if you’re tired of being tired! Whether it be weight loss or you’re needing more income! I said yes, will you?! #snatched #totallifechanges #30303 #iasotea #getfitkit #weightloss #beforeandafter #easy #fitness #let#letsgo #getitdone #itcanbedone #tired #overweight #depressed #emotionaleating #waisttrainer #summerbody #springbody #worksmartnothard #mlm #letsgo #residualincome #retireyoung
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Calories. Macronutrient splits. Recovery. Stress management. And all the other things that most of the industry is talking about is important . But it isn't the most important. It isn't the one thing that is going to help you lose weight . The most important aspect is the mindset . If we, humans, were uncomplicated machines where 1 + 1 = 2 creatures. Then all we would ever have to discuss is the simple equation of calories in vs out . But we aren’t. Humans are complicated creatures. We are more like 1 + 1 = depends on the day type of creature . We are blessed with something called emotions. Emotions can make everything so complicated . Most of us act on our emotions . When we are in the mood of it we do it. When we aren't we don’t . I’m sure you heard “consistent is key” . It’s true . In order to be consistent you need to acquire the right skills. The right habits.The right techniques. So you can stay on track while also dealing with everyday challenges . Before you go running into the latest nutrition and exercise science. Prove to yourself that you can be consistent . Once you have started to work on consistency then you can start to work on all the advance strategies . . #consistencyiskey #weightloss #weightlossstruggle #weightlossprogram #takeaction #actionnotreaction #emotionaleating #mindfuleating #healthyhabits #nutritioncoach #nutrtiontips #weightlosstips #mindsetiseverything #changeyourmindset #healthymindset #healthyweightloss #growthmindset #healthyishappy #healthylifestylechange #investinyourself #selfcaretips #weightlossgoals
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Pranzo 🍴 con: -Zuppa ai cereali con orzo e farro🍜 a cui ho aggiunto un cucchiaio di olio, del parmigiano e dell'origano così a caso🙄 -Una fetta di bresaola🐂e una fetta del pane integrale🍞 che ho preparato ieri (a cui ho tentato di dare una forma a cuore, senza successo😌) che potete vedere nella terza foto. 🔴Allerta monologo-tema-tesina sulla vita.🔴 I valori nutrizionali della zuppa sono ottimi, se tralasciamo l'aggiunta di zuccheri😅. Stamattina ho avuto una mattinata abbastanza movimentata e piena di alti e bassi. Ho rischiato un'abbuffata, ho litigato con mia madre, ho pianto per un'ora chiusa in bagno e poi mi sono alzata, vestita e sono uscita perché mi sono rotta le palle di stare così. Voglio riprendermi la vita in mano. Ho passato questi ultimi tre mesi in casa, ad aspettare una chiamata che non arriva mai. Ho messo la mia vita in mano a delle persone che non mi conoscono, che non provano nessun tipo di affetto nei miei confronti. Beh..mi sono stancata di questa situazione. Sono stanca di aver paura di sbagliare, di bloccarmi al primo ostacolo e di restare ferma nello stesso punto. Sono stanca dell'apatia, della depressione, del binge. Sono stanca di essere stanca. La vita degli altri va avanti, nel bene o nel male. Io sono rimasta bloccata nel 2016, quando ancora avevo degli obbiettivi, o pensavo di averli. Fra qualche mese compio 19 anni e sento di averne 9. Devo crescere ancora lo so, ma per farlo devo buttarmi nella vita e nei problemi. Imparare ad affrontarli, superarli e imparare da essi. Né la clinica, né il procrastinare sono la soluzione. Alla fine io mi voglio bene, voglio essere felice. Non mi merito tutto questo dolore ed è inutile aspettare che qualcuno bussi alla mia porta, mi prenda per mano e mi conduca alla soluzione. Dipende tutto da noi, ogni cosa. Siamo noi che scegliamo di dare importanza al cibo, siamo noi che gli permettiamo di comandarci, siamo noi che ci lasciamo abbattare da cose/persone che non se lo meritano. Noi diamo dei nomi al nostro disturbo "ana, mia". Leggo di ragazze che scrivono "ana mi urla, ma io urlo più forte" ecc. Mi dispiace deludervi, ma quei pensieri che sentite sono solo I VOSTRI. ⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬
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The quality of my self talk has changed drastically. As I was writing a letter to my inner young teenager this morning (she's been feeling triggered), I became very aware of the stark difference. The things I used to say to myself where mean, harmful and painful. I berated myself. I told myself I was unworthy, stupid, ugly, fat, unlovable and useless. The stories I created about others thinking these things about myself were extensive too. I can understand why it's taken so long for my inner child to respond to me. I was literally bullying myself. Then I would try to create all these rigid, disciplined rules to follow to achieve my goals that I thought would make me worthy. The inner perfectionist and people pleaser was constantly "doing" to gain love and validation from others. I didn't realize at the time I could give myself everything I needed and not seek it externally. As my self talk shifted to love, support, validation, compassion and encouragement, the need to seek it externally lessened. As I began peeling back layers and understanding more and more about myself, compassion grew. I couldn't speak to myself that way anymore. I could see that no one else had hurt me, more than I had. It gave me compassion for others too. My judgement of others behaviours began to shift to curiosity and compassion. I finally started to feel real pain in my body and not the manufactured suffering created by my mind. I was the one I needed. I get to show up for myself. When I understood where these thoughts and stories were coming from I got to shift the beliefs that created them. It's a beautiful thing when you have your own back and you truly learn to love yourself. Self love is about so much more than bubble baths and pedicures. Self love hurts sometimes, because it takes looking at these shadow parts of yourself and accepting them. How is your self talk? If you knew your inner child was listening would you still say the same things? #eatfromlove
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Each of us were made in the very image of God. We aren’t accidents. We aren’t mistakes. We have been designed and handcrafted by God Himself. And when we know that, then we begin to treat our bodies differently. We are careful with what God crafted. We are considerate of what God created. We are intentional with what God designed. When we invest in our physical health because we value what our Creator created, we are worshipping God. . . . . We can break free from the vicious cycle of jumping on the latest diet fads or exercise sensations or buying the latest weight loss or beauty products. These decisions though well intended, don’t build a healthy lifestyle; instead, they create an endless cycle of quick results followed by a return to unhealthy habits and a sense of personal failure. It’s a vicious cycle that yields more disappointment than breakthrough. . . . . Instead, we can open our hearts to the love and affection of God, and discover what He thinks of our bodies. And from a place of self-love fueled by the love of God we can develop lasting self-care. When we know how wonderful and valuable our bodies are and that they were made to worship God, we can make self-care choices that over time create a healthy lifestyle. This video blog explored these self-care choices and why they are essential to our health. To watch the full video, click on the link in my bio. . . . . Let me know in a comment below what self-care habits you are discovering right now and how that is revolutionizing your health! And share this video with a friend to encourage her on her journey of self-care.
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