Embroidery lover ... As a crafter, you know there is one thing that we all dread: defining the worth of the thing we make with our hands. Pricing handmade is so difficult because there is so much time and often labour involved in the process that it is hard to price fairly for both the maker and the recepient.⠀ Over the years, I had a very hard time defining the worth of what I do. It's just a PDF right? But no, it is not JUST a PDF, not JUST bits and pixels. It is ⠀ • hours of sketching the design, ⠀ • going through different phases of "wow, I love this" and "ugh, I hate it", ⠀ • getting the colors perfect, ⠀ • defining which stitches to use, ⠀ • stitching the design for the first time to see how it turns out, ⠀ • undoing things you didn't like or don't fit, ⠀ • redoing the whole thing as perfect as possible so that the Internet doesn't see the small imperfections that are inevitable with a handmade piece,⠀ • taking photos like a professional even though you feel all the other people make pictures that are 100% better than you could ever do⠀ • writing the pattern,⠀ • digitizing the pattern templates⠀ • making step by step instructions preverrably with photos⠀ • making the layout of the ebook like a pro even though you feel like you are not competent enough for this,⠀ • and finally launching the finished PDF (which has it's own set of steps)⠀ ⠀ The longest time it took me to create an ebook was the Stitch Lexicon. It took me 1 entire year to edit all the 206 stitches into neat little photo tutorials and put them into an ebook of 86 pages. And then I sold it for 10 bucks.⠀ ⠀ Long story short: I made the (very hard) decision to raise my prices on February 23rd. Additionally, I will discontinue 51 of my older embroidery patterns that don't fit into the way I see Pumora anymore. Yes, 51! ⠀ But until February 22nd you can get all of my patterns at 50% and the ebooks (like the flower stitch book or the stitch lexicon) are available at the old price.⠀ ⠀ The link is in the profile or look for Pumora on Etsy. Follow my instagram if you love 😍 Embroidery : ➡ @Embroidery_daily_ 👫Love to tag? Please do!⤵ * . . . . #via @pumora_anne #Embroidery_daily_
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Apron plus #wildflowers
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El principito 💙🌹#embroideryart#embroiderylove#bordadoamano#elprincipito#encargosytalleres 👇
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A #wip of my final hoop in a series of monthly hoops for @photographybymarykatherine and her sweet Ruth to track her growth each month of her first year. It was fun to watch Ruthie grow along with my embroidery!
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