Be intentional with your plans for your life! Aside from planning my week out in a planner, I also make sure to plan out my intentions for the week and my moods! Yes! My mood! If you decide that nothing will get in the way of your happiness and ruin your week then nothing will! Try it! 😉
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We are all guilty of doing this as some point in our lives right? No matter how hard it may be always try to be grateful for your life and always try to see the beauty in your struggles 😊
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Hey girl Hey! Have you tuned into our Instagram takeover with @pag@pageelevenpapergoods today? If not you are missing out! Check out our stories to see what’s going on over at @pageelevenpapergoods!
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Is it Friday yet? We are super excited to have Elisha, owner of @pag@pageelevenpapergoods as our Instagram takeover guest this Friday. Creating beautiful planners and journals, Page Eleven Paper Goods is set to release their 2019 planner in just 8 days! Along with owning @pageelevenpapergoods , Elisha is a wife, mother and full-time corporate conquerer. Please make sure to set a reminder to tune in on Friday to follow Elisha around for the day!
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Currently in my planner bag 😩 I had no clue I had this many planners/journals. I keep a planner for my personal life, work life and household life. It’s probably a good idea to get rid of some but I absolutely love them and can’t part with anything plus I don’t want to make grown-up decisions today 🤣
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Happy Monday! Who else is guilty? 🤣🤣🤣
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