Yoo this coworker I used to talk to is about to get fucked by this mechanic and everyone at work thinks I'm still in love with her Lmfaooooo #Embarrassed
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I used to be ashamed of this. 🙈 • I never graduated from university. 🎓 • I never lied about it, but I sure did hide from the truth. • For years, I felt ashamed, because I knew others expected me to - back when I thought that mattered most, and determined success. 🤦🏻‍♂️ • See, in high school, I was a straight-A student. Upon graduation, I was awarded unconditional acceptance and a scholarship to UBC. • I effing LOVED school, and had everything going for me. • I enrolled in the faculty of science, full of optimism - only to discover a short time later that something wasn’t right. 😕 • I didn’t enjoy it. I felt like I didn’t fit in. I knew it wasn’t my future. I could have switched courses, but I felt obligated to finish what I started. • Part way into my third year, I was offered a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity in business. I seriously thought “Me? Is this for real?” • I accepted, knowing it meant withdrawal from university. • I was sad and embarrassed, but I never looked back. • Excited by my sprouting career in business, I gave it everything I got, and it led to a 17-year journey in sales and marketing. 🌱 • For a long time, I avoided certain conversations, lest they reveal the truth, and cause feelings of self-doubt, embarrassment and shame to creep back into my life. 🙉 • Over the years, I found myself working with a few marketers and MBAs, but mostly people with other backgrounds: Animal biology, engineering, English literature, and yes - people with no more than a high school diploma, like me. I was far from alone. 🤗 • In time, I learned to speak my TRUTH. But through my experience overcoming an anxiety disorder, I learned even more: • 1️⃣ I must get crystal-clear on my WHOLE TRUTH, in every aspect of my life, and shamelessly LIVE MY TRUTH, always. Any less amounts to avoidance, and leads to anxiety. • 2️⃣ I must accept, and take responsibility for ALL my mistakes and failures - no matter how much time, money or energy I invested in making them. It’s HARD, but avoidance never makes healing easier, or cost less. • So ask yourself, “Self, what’s my truth? What positive actions must I take to get one step closer to living my truth, every day?” 💚
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Life’s under no obligation to give me what I expect. ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ #partime#model#embarrassed
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Big massive shit at the cake shop! Poo on their carpet. Tried to escape before further humiliation but when poo got all over the pram, out she got and everyone saw the poo!!! Had to change the little one in the staff toilet! She was even wondering what happened! “What’s wrong with my nappy mommy?”#pooexplosion #poo #toddler #child #joys #havingkids #embarrassed #poorbaby #poorbabygirl #myangel #refaced #showmyface #panic #stressed #why #how #howisthispossible #disbelief #horror #stafftoilet #pullups #pullupschallenge #huggies #mommy #mumlife #momlife #awkward #hide #canirunaway
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