Every now and then I'm lucky enough to be called off the bench and in to the game for the mighty @electricmarymusic 🤘 It's kinda like being called off the bench to go on for Messi or Ablett or Gilchrist, but I enjoy the challenge and always LOVE rocking with the boys! ❤️ Here's a pic from a few years back mid power chord smashes 🤘🤘🤘 📸 Leigh Riley #electricmary #rustybrown 🎤#alexraunjak 🎸#peterobinson 🎸 #venom 🥁 #ozrock #framusguitars #fender #prsguitars #marshallamps_uk
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TODAY WAS OUR 2nd rehearsal after a long overdue break. 2014 was our last show. Look what guitar showed up at rehearsal today! 🔥🎶🔥 Mr. @LeonMorrisHendrix showed up with the Strat Mr. @JimmieVaughanOfficial signed at @TheForum 09.18.17 at the @EricClapton show. 🚀 The dream began for me listening to the @JimiHendrix #HendrixLifelines 4 cd box set released in the early 90’s. It hit so strongly. Changed my life forever. That was Grand Rapids, Michigan 93/94. ❗️This pic was from my apartment on Carmine Street in the West Village across from Carmine Street Guitars in 1996 after all the dream took root after working with @RealEddieKramer, leaving Orlando, Florida’s @FullSail and landing an interview with @ElectricLadyStudios lovely, then manager #MaryCampbell #ElectricMary 💜 The photoshop was done in with the NYC image in Chicago 2001 for the artwork on a MP3.com cd pressing. Dreams do come true.
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Paid a visit to good ol’ #ElectricMary. The campus has changed a helluva lot since ‘95. However, there does seem to be hope for the future with the new crop of visual artists I met with at today’s portfolio review.
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🀄 Sneak peak from last night's epic #ElectricMary only show this year. Stay tuned for more. #LifesTooShortGoSeeABand • ☆ FOLLOW @chowie_photography @electricmarymusic @cornerhotel ☆ DM for collaborations
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ELECTRIC MARY TIME!!!!!! FK YEAH ❤️❤️❤️🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻#electricmary #melbourne #nightlife #rocknroll #partytime
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