Last couple weeks I’ve said “you only fail if you don’t try,” but what about the other side of that coin? I said this to the class—I try to talk about and share lessons or ideas I’m wrestling with or working on. This is one of those. Thinking out loud.
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Listening to this months book again (3rd time now) laying in the sun. Always working on my mindset #teamsuperfox #mindset #personaldevelopment #personalgrowthjourney #egoistheenemy
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Some sound advice for Millenials or anyone starting out in a new field. #egoistheenemy #millenials #ryanholiday #workyourwayup #humility #notasimportantasyouthink #attitude #theoryvspractice
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Nothing like a good workout and a book + Hot tub session to go after it. Growth can only come within yourself. As long as you keep going, you'll keep getting better. And as you get better, you gain more confidence. That alone is success.(uh what the heck is up with that wrist though haha and them veins haha) #keepgoing #workhard #grit #bosslady #bossmom #workoutmotivation #weightlossjourney #hottub #premedstudent #sciencefreak #egoistheenemy #readbook #selfimprovement
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• W I S D O M | Listen to others. Learn from past mistakes. Watch YouTube videos. Follow inspirational social accounts. Relate to quotes. Yes we do all these things on a daily basis, thanks to easy access to anything at the tip of our fingers. But here's the catch- KNOWLEDGE requires effort. It requires you to put down your phone and pause your social activity. It craves for you to stimulate the mind, by reading and understanding and growing. As an entrepreneur, you have to hold valid and strong beliefs about your passion and your mission. You have to educate yourself in the field that you want to be a master in. You have to be business-smart and able to speak to others professionally whilst being your authentic self. If you've been putting off reading for a while, let us give you some motivation. Think about it. There are thousands of books written on nearly every business problem. Reading and familiarising yourself with them is guaranteed to relate to your way of thinking somehow. And it will only grow your understanding. Just like you have these enlightening conversations with your friends that make you feel inspired and more aware of things. The same is with books. Try it! If you'd like recommendations, feel free to DM! 😝
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