Showing my love and respect to the sexiest woman in the world!!!😊❤💓💕🍑 @whoisabella_ #sexy #beauty #beautyqueen #model #thick #thickwomen #beachbody #ocean #effyourbeautystandards #perfectlady #bombshell
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Friendly reminder that what size pants you wear or how much you weigh has little to do with your health and absolutely nothing to do with your worth. A small body is not a prerequisite for love, admiration, and respect. Your body, no matter what it looks like, works hard to support you every single day. It allows you to be present in this world. To spend time with friends, to laugh, to move, to explore. How can we shift our conversations and our focus to celebrate kindness and generosity, the capacity to love and be loved, the unique gifts we bring to the world, and our passions, talents, and dreams? Because your body, exactly how it is today, is a valuable and incredible gift💞
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