Peeking into the dye pot...check out the metallic sheen from the leaf oils and tannins. Some exciting and interesting results when using an iron vinegar mordant 😁 #ecodyeing #ecodyeingpaper #leavesfrommygarden #dyepot #crafternoon #alwaysasurprise #somuchfun
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Avocado, dip dyed linen napkins?? Yes Please 🙋🏻‍♀️
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My day 25 / 100 for #the#the100dayproject Avocado dye dipped papers. Yes avocado dye turns things dusty pink. Hand stitched onto unwanted card. Made at The HUB Creative Space - Townsville. To be converted into 100 individual handmade cards after the project is over. #the100dayproject #100daysofclueysueycreations #slowstitching #ecodyeing #slo#slowcraft/a> #slowcraft #slowstitchingmovement #makersmovement #paperlove #100handmadecards #stitchingonpaper #markmaking #handmade #handstitched
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I've been experimenting with .natural/ botanical dyeing, to dye fabrics for a very exciting new doll project (which I'm going to keep a secret for now!). 🌱 . This significantly time-consuming process definitely made me take a step back and realize my life lately has been crazy hectic and emotionally draining...I'm so happy I discovered how nourishing and balanced natural dyeing feels, contributing to stress reduction and creating new connections with the world. . One of the most exciting parts is you're never sure what colour you'll end up with 😁 Here, tap water is quite hard with a lot of minerals, and there have been some thrilling changes in colours (e.g. lilac becoming dark green!). . So far I've experimented with pomegranate, avocado, red cabbage and beetroots, while I also tried my hand at eco-printing with flowers. I'm really excited about the yielded results! . What about you? Have you tried natural dyeing? I'd love to hear your experiences 💜
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Hopping and skipping over how this hankie pattern design came out! 🌼🤩🙌🏼 Now it’s off to our friends at @coffeesock to sew & stitch this bundle of saffron yellow cloth. #LetterpressPLAY #CoffeeSock
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It’s time to blossom a batch of summertime bliss and print the pattern that will be featured in our hankie collection. 🌼👩‍🎨 #LetterpressPLAY
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