The Godfather of Dinner Twist Chris, along with little Axel, delivering some delicious DT boxes to some busy families! If you see him out and about be sure to stop him for a little chat (and say hi to Chris too 😉) #dinnertwist
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So since it tastes awesome I’ll tell you what’s in it. It’s obviously chicken breast. I mixed in a bowl. Chopped up torn up spinach. About 1.5 cups maybe 2. I just tore I up into small pieces. I then added 1/4c. Horse radish. 1/8c. Dijon mustard. 1/2c. Cottage cheese. 1/8c. Parmesan. Mix it good. I had cut the chicken breast open. Spoon in each of the breasts then use left over to spread on top. I then topped with garlic and onion powder. Baked at 400 for 49 minutes. Soooo tasty. 😋 Edit: I don’t usually drink booze during the week but today was stressful. And that’s a good mixture to sip on. #recipe #chicken #chickenrecipe #dinner #eatwell #eathealthy #food #nomnom @rubberhitsthepavement @oneredhotmess try this 😉
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Double Hamachi roll and Wagyu beef 🔥🔥🔥🔥🍣 @livesushisf #grub #fire #munchies #eatwell #treatyoself
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Our smoked salmon chowder is only $5 this month! 😋✨🐰 #fasslergourmet
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Where are we now on our journey? Check out where we are and what we are eating in this video update from the #wellnesswagon
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