We were asked for an update on Abby. So, here she is. She is making grounds. However, she will be heading back to the vet for a recheck. Recovery is been slow and steady but has stalled. This is normal but also could be something else. Thank you all for the well wishes and continual support. It’s amazing that she was hiking 54 miles four years ago and we have never faced any medical issues since we adopted her. And we are here making our way through this... #fighter #hikingdog #seniordog #vestibularsyndrome #gsd #gsdlove #gsdofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #eastgermanczechdog #eastgermanczechshepherd
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Someone decided she wanted to hang out with the pack for about 3 minutes before heading back into her kennel. Abby is making progress. She still has problems walking, but she eating with less help, using the restroom and wanting to walk a little more every day. All these are good things. However, she still has head tilt and her nystagmus is small if you don’t know what to look for you wouldn’t see it. We are approaching one week. And will be giving the local vets an update to determine if we continue this course or head for more testing. #vestibularsyndrome #gsdlove #seniordog #gsdofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #update #eastgermanczechshepherd #eastgermanczechdog
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In case you did not know, Abby was in the ER for 24 hours last Friday. She had a sudden case of #ves#ibularsyndrome. She is 12 years old. These clips are from today. These videos are 100% better than where she was on Friday. But as you can see we have a more healing to go. On Friday she couldn’t stand up without falling over, she had a severe right nystagmus and was throwing up everywhere. # Vestibular Syndrome can be caused by numerous things or be idiopathic. Since, we are making progress so far, we are hoping this event is idiopathic and will not be revisited. ### I posted this here. In case, anyone was going through this. This syndrome is very stressful for both dog and owners. It is extremely hard to manage in large dogs. We have been hand-feeding until today when she decided to walk (of course assisted) to her bowl. And she is assisted all the time whenever she is not in her kennel/crate. (One reason why it’s great to crate train!) #eastgermanczechdog #eastgermanczechshepherd #seniordog #lovemydog #dogsofinstagram #gsdofinstagram
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We went out for a restroom break. We have made some big strides today. Abby is eating more and wanting walk a bit more. As you can see this whole event is rather stressful for her. #vestibularsyndrome #eastgermanczechshepherd #eastgermanczechdog #gsdlove #seniordog #seniordoglove #lovemydog
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Hand feeding Abby. She is on only a 1/4 dry with some @wef@wefeedraw small balls. I made 6 raw food balls from @wefeedraw, two hold her meds. She eating this very low amounts of food laying down, because that is where she is comfortable. Anything larger she needs to adjust so that she is in a sternal position. Tomorrow we hope she will be able to stand with help at raised bowl for water and food. If not, we will adjust. ### #vestibularsyndrome #seniordog #eastgermanczechdog #eastgermanczechshepherd #lovemydog #gsdlove
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We came home a few days go with Abby having right nystagmus, no sense of balance, falling over every other step and vomiting. We rushed her to the local ER. She has vestibular syndrome, we are uncertain if it is idiopathic or something more. At her age, 12, we wanted less stress and more love and care than test after test. This is from her first night at the ER. Taken by her dad, who flew into the local airport and headed to see her. He was with her from 1045 to midnight. ###<###<### She is home with us now. She is still showing signs of vestibular syndrome, but under strict watch with a large amount of walking support, water and food helping— i.e. via hand. ### Thank you to the Maine Veterinary Medical Center for the help, gentle care to Abby and the amazing help, respect and understanding you gave as Abby’s family members. And for allowing visiting hour during all 24 hours of the day. ### #seniordog #gsdofinstagram #eastgermanczechshepherd #eastgermanczechdog #lovemydog #vestibularsyndrome
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Abigail during her check-up. She is doing very well for being 12. We are monitoring some issues that come with age. She won’t be hiking any longer, but for being 12 she is doing amazingly well. 💗🙏 Our Old Lady is making aging look so easy, graceful and peaceful something we can all learn from her. #gsd#gsdstagram #gsd #gsdlove #eastgermanczechshepherd #eastgermanczechdog #seniordog
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