BC update... 2 days in and just rain and both my wife and I have a cold. But that’s okay because the air quality is so incredible out here that standing out in the rain and breathing a deep breath clears my sinuses right up! 8 more days to go, and this is the last of my “groups of 3” hopefully. Going to start posting a bit of everything!
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Defininitiveness of purpose. I’ve found mine. It’s in photo and video production. 📸🎬🎥 What’s yours? ☀️
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Leave it all to bloom. • • • 🎶: @nightly // Twenty Something
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I took these two photos in my favorite place on August 17th, 2006. All I had was my moms dinky digital point and shoot, but I decided I was going to try it out. My love for photography was born in the making of these two photographs. It’s crazy how after taking thousands upon thousands of photos since then, these first two still seem to fit the criteria for posting in 2019 🤷‍♀️
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Currently preparing for exam season, which means this semester is coming to an end and adventure is on its way 🌻
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Doing some advanced editing tonight (ie. not being lazy) in preparation for my night photography workshop next weekend! Still a couple spots left in my April workshop 🌌🌠📷 #linkinprofile #halifaxphotographyclasses
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