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#dwn #dwntownvibes #city #lightroom #lit Allow people to navigate shape mold & play with this world to become leaders of their own ambitions. Send them off into the world successful. Not dependent on you—teach them to keep learning. Results come when you can step away & people can perform successfully long into their lives. If you can’t do that you’re not really making a difference you’re just making it about yourself. Coaching/business/family/home/life—Have you ever felt that you needed to control athletes, employees, spouses or children, any aspect of your life in order to get what YOU wanted? Change this mentality//it becomes the fastest way to get long term results as a coach, business owner, parent or someone who is just looking to boost their social skills. Judgement before giving anyone a chance is your own fault//Drop your pride. First, trust them to have a part. Just that opportunity, freeing them from oppression of their self expression will allow you to see what they got. It may surprise you to what they are capable of, the insight/information they can bring, and the more windows of opportunity it can open—faster results. People have passions too & if you’re not allowing them to express themselves, their pursuits, what they want to achieve on the path—it’s like hiking on a 10 day trip, keeping all the water to yourself, expecting them to keep up & you walk alone. Maybe you can carry it all, but allow others to carry all they can too! You can hike for days on end See how far you can really go share more insight to Navigate more land & see more views from more mountain tops. This is not about YOU making it to the finish line, make sure your team is hydrated. Really Listen to people not just to respond about yourself, they know the most about their tendencies, behaviors, & qualities. Apply empathy, hearty consideration, take everything into account & give them the respect/space on the path to explore things along the way. —Let people win, & the world wins together #mentality #mind #strengthcoach #strengthandconditioning #team #win #motivationalquotes #plantbasedstrength #business #entrepreneur #sto#stoicism #sto
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