Some quality R and R and a little practicing 👌🏻🥁 • • • • • @southwestair #southweststorytellers #contest
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Picked up this sweet little @gretschdrums from @chicago_drum_exchange to use as a practice kit at home. These little drums sing! #gretschdrums #chicagodrumexchange #ist#istanbulagop #dwhardware #drums #istanbul #agop
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(Used) Sonor Bop SE 16x18 8x12 14x14 5x14 snare. DW 2000 series single pedal, DW 7000 series snare stand, DW 6000 series hi hat and straight cymbal stand. (Used) Zildjian 13" A custom hi hat (top), Zildjian 13" Dyno Beat (bottom), (Brand New) Zildjian 18" A Uptown Ride. Comes with everything listed. $750 in store, $850 shipped. . Available now in store or online at
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