4.20.19 Happy Saturday Coachella 2019 @raisesingers @chriswademusicproductions thank you for this opportunity, ❤️❤️❤️. @dvsn thank you for sharing your gifts with the world Dope! Shout to K you da man. ✌🏾🤟🏾😎 #DVSN #coachella2019 #music #thatnichodges
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Be a Unicorn in a field of Horses 🦄❤️💚🧡💙 ✨Day 1✨ #Coachella2019 #UnicornVibes #CoachellaFashion #DVSN #TyDollarSign #EllaMai #JanelleMonae #ChildishGambino
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So just a recap of last night. I actually battled a crew ... A Freakin CREW! But your boy was able to hold his own. #italy #florence #DVSN #dance #hiphop #guam
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daniel & i made a connection 😢😩 so in one of their songs called “With Me,” he says, “just tell me you want me, just tell me you want me, don’t care if there’s people around.” & i kept trying to get his attention the whole time waving to him & everything & then HE SINGS TO ME “just tell me you want me,” & i was in tears yelling back “I WANT YOU” & then he goes “just tell them you want me theres people around” & he pointed to the other side of the crowd & then i told him again & sadly i didn’t get it on camera but it will forever be treasured in my memories. AND i kept waving to him after & then when he took off his sun glasses & jacket HE FINALLY WAVED BACK TO ME & GAVE ME A BEAUTIFUL SMILE 😩 THANK YOU @dvsn @nineteen85_ @workinonmykarma @tydollasign FOR ONE OF THEEEE GREATEST CONCERTS EVER I LOVE YOU GUYS I LOVE THE NEW COLLAB 😩❤️ i never thought i’d ever seen them but UGH LOOK IT HAPPENED & I WENT THRU HELL & BACK JUST TO BE UP THAT CLOSE
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Childish Gambino, Ella Mai, DVSN, Nipsey Tribute. #CoachellaDayOne . . #childishgambino #ellamai #dvsn #nipseyhussle
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Secret location🖤💚🍃🖤💚..#Howick#forest#roadtrip#dvsn#nature#
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