This weekend is baby shower Saturday! Two of my best friends will be getting showered with all the love. How fun that in a couple months, they’ll be getting the same sweet smiles from their sweet little babes?! 🥰
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It’s important to capture those special bonding moments between dad and baby too. When I look back at the birth of my three babes, my most loved pictures are when daddy was holding his tiny ones. It’s such a precious moment.
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Getting in the frame is way harder than I ever imagined! It took a tripod, remote timer, candy, Peppa Pig and this was the best we got 😂 . We have made it to Friday and thought I would share some fun facts about me! . 1.)Most people call me Lish, but can you guess what autocorrect changes that too...Lush! This is where my photography name began 2.) Photography has always had my heart. I would take a million photos and couldn’t wait to get them developed. Every gift would usually involve a photo somehow, who didn’t love a good college or photo calendar 3.) I love going to concerts, my line up this summer is Luke Bryan, Alexisonfire, and Salt N Peppa (I know your jealous!) . 4.) The quote “This house runs best on love, laughter and lots of whiskey” really resonates with me 😂 5.) I eat chocolate daily, several times a day . Huge thank you to everyone that is still reading this long post and for your love and support!
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That moment when you welcome your little one into the world is priceless. I’m so grateful I was able to document that for this family. And isn’t this babe just precious?
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Serenity 🌿 I miss those lazy, first newborn days when time is a vacuum measured in 3-hourly cycles and it feels like there’s just the three of you in the whole world, or four if you count furry friends 🐶 {I do not miss the newborn nights though...definitely not the nights 🙈}
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Monday morning heart-melter right there 😍 So many cute newborns recently- I honestly don’t know how my ovaries are holding out ... Oh wait, yes I do, that’ll be the non-sleeping 19-month old 😏🙄
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There's something wonderful about capturing an expectant mum-to-be in her own space, especially in the baby's nursery. Knowing that when her baby has grown and wants to know about their early life, she can show them where it started. The room, ready for them, that held all of her anticipation and excitement for meeting them! The room they were brought home to. Maybe they still live there but it's completely changed, or maybe they've moved on and can't quite remember the details. Documenting their life starts before they come earthside and involves so much more than just the people who already love them. It's in the carefully selected furnishings their parents chose with them in mind, the hand-made blankets gifted by a friend, it's in the trinkets grandmother sent and the scan picture sitting beside the empty crib. I look for these things when I arrive and they always help to build the atmosphere. They're like a pre-cursor to the soft way in which the parents will handle their newborn, the way they'll breathe in that gorgeous newborn scent and be fascinated by every movement and tiny squeak that their baby makes. You can literally feel the love. Thinking about those people I've spent time with never fails to make me smile. . . . . . . . . . . #maternitysession #maternityphotographer #new#newbornsession #newbornphotography #newbornlifestylephotography #telfordmaternity #shropshirenewbornphotographer #birthphotographer #ukbirthphotographer #shropshirebirthphotographer #lifestylephotography #documentaryphotography #jj_its_kids #lookslikefilmkids #momtogs #cameramama #thesincerestoryteller #dearestviewfinder #dv_BrandNew #MagicofChildhood #documentyourdays #newborn #bnwmood #monoart #blackandwhite
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