Finally got out for a climb at the back of #lakelouise! Stoked to have gotten a #trad lead on new rock. #dustingoffcobwebs #bigcountry #somehowgotparking
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๐Ÿ€ Clover hunting after a busy day. ๐Ÿ€#happinessis #quarterbackq #donnerprinzb #maplegatefarm #dustingoffcobwebs
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Vacay officially over. For the first time since March 21st itโ€™s forecasting, make-up, and wearing a tie. FYI...make-up is easily the least favorite part of my job #vacayover #dustingoffcobwebs #backtowork
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Happy astrology day!Today is the Spring Equinox; making day and night of equal length. Today, the Sun also moves into Aries, beginning a new astrological year. Weโ€™re now entering into a strong, motivated time of accomplishment and new beginnings. Weโ€™re coming out of Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac, and letting go of quite a lot--which may be attached to letting go of Chirons aspect to Saturn causing "healing" crises on a large scale emotionally, spiritually, and universally. At this new time we are going to have an opportunity to stay close to what is true and anchors us, while experiencing the inspiration, drive and benefits of masculine energy. Heavily influenced by last weeks "Pele report" by Kaypacha. I'm dusting off my astrology books as I studied Vedic astrology in my 20s and trying to refresh/learn more about the western's definitely a passion of mine ๐Ÿ’•โœจMore to come! Happy new year!
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Put on one of my favorite shirts today and decided to go into the gym and hit the bag. @villaboxing thanks for allowing me to head in at the last minute. #boxing #teamaxes #dowork #dustingoffcobwebs
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Still unsure what this will be, but feeling inspired and obviously working through some โ€œstuffโ€. #backtoit #art#artheart #itnevergoesaway #leaves #recycledmaterials #dustingoffcobwebs #art #wip #pleasdontsaygoodbye @smurfarooo
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