Sun And Bass 2017 with @nutone @spydnb and @robertmanos Pic by @bigtbrazil #sardinia #drumnbass
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23.06 Tenerife, Spain @ Ritmos del Mundo
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another highlight from the Buddy Rich tribute show in London with @rcmlondon . enjoy! .. by the way many of you ask me whether this will be available for sale somewhere. unfortunately I cannot release the full concert because of many reasons one of them being copyright... but what I am working on is to put together a highlights compilation which will still be quite long. i will put it up on my YouTube channel for you for free. and I'm sure you get a pretty good impression of what went on that night. so proud of this gig and so honored to be able to play this music with a great band. thank you for your continued support guys! and have a great great day!! @vicfirth @remo @sonor @meinlcymbals DoubleTap & Tag a Friend Below⤵ 💋 😍 💟 🙏 Plz Follow us - @Robert_M._Thomas Tag your love 😘 ✅ Turn Post Notification on 📣 ✅ Follow, like and comment ✏ ✅ Tag your friends 👥 🎥🎞 @bennygreb #drumnbass #dru#drumss #drumpf #drummer #drumcover #drumcorps #drumming #drumfam #drums #drumuniversity
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