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Time for the 2nd instalment of the rum reviews from @caneislandrum, who again we would like to thank for giving us this opportunity to try their rum and share their story! Cane Island have a total of 9 rums on the market and we will be revising 6 of them, where we will now move on to the Single Estate rums where this particular expression. #wearerumrunners . . Rating: 🥃🥃🥃🥃.5/6 . . For information on Cane Island and their range of rums, check out our previous review of the Single Island Blend from Jamaica. It is worth noting that all their rums are all very reasonably priced at between £28-£40 and available on the @whiskyexchange website. . . Today we are taking a look at the Single Estate Rum from Belize. This rum has been tropically aged for 9 years in ex bourbon barrels and comes from the Travellers Distillery, which is the same place that Fair Rum is sourced. The rum is molasses based and produced by means of a column still. This expression, just like all the other Single Estate Rums, is bottled at 43% ABV and retails for roughly £40. . . The rum sits in the glass displaying a typical coppery colour with fast and thin legs. The nose is surprisingly powerful with an initial big hit of alcohol. This initial potentness soon mellows as you acclimatise. Notes of vanilla and spices are prominent with a burn sugar and peppery undertone. The nose maybe slightly rough around the edges, however we love it! . . The palate is warming and spicy on entry, a little hot even. This hotness soon cools off where the spiciness goes from the forefront to the background and a balance of charred oak, vanilla and tobacco takes over. The finish isn’t overly long or overly complex but this really doesn’t matter here. This rum is straightforward, straight to the point and could be seen benchmark for rum of this type (column still rum). The rum literally leaves your tongue tingling and you will find that the glass empties quickly! . . We are very pleased with this rum and if you are a fan of Fair XO and Plantation Gran Añejo rum you will most definitely be a fan of this Cane Island Rum! 🥃👌😎🌴
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When I travel, if there is an opportunity to pick up a bottle, I DO! #crownroyal #whisky #whiskey #canadianwhisky #filipinodrink #purplebox #drinkofchoice #nofilter #sonycamera
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