Night Shift’s answer and big F U to Bud Light. Great beer for the style at a good price. This is far from my favorite beer from them, but I will be buying this regularly this summer. Great can too.
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Chapman Crafted- My Happy Place, I thought it would be fitting to drink this IPA at my happy place, 6.95% 🍻🏖
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#nrbf17 attendee @gre@greatergoodimperials have combined forces with #nrbf18 attendee @van@vanishedvalleybrewing to produce "That Just Happened" a sour with moderate ABV and light on the cherry - we're excited to continue adding so many small but mighty Mass breweries for you all to try on 6/30 - tix can be found at #Repost @vanishedvalleybrewing (@get_repost) ・・・ Introducing our first ever sour ale. Debuting in cans today, That Just Happened, is a special beer that was brewed in collaboration with our friends at @greatergoodimperials . This cherry sour has a light body, mild sourness, and a clean finish with a hint of cherry. Perfect for summer days and refreshing at 4.5%ABV. Limits per person are as follows: Two 4-packs of That Just Happened at $15 per 4-pack Two 4-packs of Watershed IPA at $14 per 4-pack Open 12-7, see you then! #vanishedvalleybrewing #vvbrewcrew #vvfamily #drinkfresh #sharelife #bewell #westernmassbeer #masscraftbeer #watershedipa #thatjusthappened #drinkmass #drinklocal #brewersfest #craftbeer
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Breakfast of champions 😁#ryeipa #ipaallday
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