Here’s the dressage queen, Maggie Broekman killing it! Piaffe, arguably the hardest movement in dressage, the most collection a horse must conjure to trot in place. This is sheer perfection 👌#coach #photographer #dre#dressagen #friesian #piaffe #dressage #dressur #dressyr #dressyrträning
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We have hatched a cunning plan for DJWTS this weekend! The fabulous Boutique Equines will be there with a sensational mega store. So we are going to squat in a little corner of their store with our A&A tee shirt, candle, jewellery and lip balm range. At least until someone notices and kicks us out.... 😬😂🤣 We can take orders of our other items for collection there too, just let us know in advance. #archandalex #equ#equestrianng #dre#dressageumpingwiththestars #djwts #dressage #showjumping #werribeeparkequestriancentre #boutiqueequines #polishedlook #equestrian #tradevillage #equestrianshoppingheaven
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Miss jumping all the things with my beautiful girl.
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Whoo! So much new growth in the past few months. That rubbed out chunk has grown so much since August! Hopefully it will grow even faster now that he’s on @bio@biomaneproducts along with Sitka. I know I didn’t get the best “before” photo but he’s been on it since March first (so already a couple of weeks) and I’m eager to see how his mane changes. I even trimmed his bridle path today, not sure if it was the right choice so I only did a very small section. His tail has made a huge transformation either way, it was basically a dreadlock back in August. ————————— Products: @showsheen_original @cowboymagicusa @biomaneproducts
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Pictures from our clinic before spring break!! #horseclinic #dressage
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Can the weekend please come already? 💦 Tag a bestie you’d love to do this with 👇💕
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