The Acrylic Light Box💥💯Just So Cute And Perfect🌸Dm For Placing An Order📥 #lightbox #handmade #handmadewithlove #sweetgestures #cutegestures #smallbusiness #dreambusiness
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Self-care S-days. Have a wonderful weekend restoring your energy ready to smash next week! xMT
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#Repost @slaidinfull with @get_repost ・・・ This was one of my favorite parts from yesterday’s #episode of Slaid in Full TV. * I think one of the best things about starting a business isn’t helping yourself, but helping others. It’s truly a satisfying feeling. * Like the photographer who makes a woman feel beautiful when she doesn’t see it anymore. * Like the designer who creates the piece of clothing that makes you look fabulous. * Like the physical trainer who helps you add more years to your life and tackle challenges you never thought you could. * Like the financial advisor who helps a family build wealth when just a year ago they were on the verge of losing everything. * Or like the women and men on the grind every day inspiring others to do the same. * Businesses aren’t just about making money. They are about making a difference. Besides, if you become a problem solver and genuinely want to make a difference in someone’s life, you’ll never have to worry about money or success a day in your life. * Thank you @wealthyartists for the interview and the insight. * #dreambusiness #helpingothers #dreambigger #foodforthought💭 #biztips #womenpreneur #realtalk💯 #womeninspiringwomen #fridayfeeling #careersuccess
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Most people assume we work hands on with camels every day, but we don’t. You’ll often find us in an office nutting out our next best step or having a ‘biz meeting’ for 2 hours. Might sound boring, but it’s one of our favourite parts of the biz, because it equals GROWTH. . Does this make us less of a ‘cameleer’...? Less of a Camel business...? Um...No. because the time we do spend with camels is focused, dedicated time & THAT also equals growth. . So maybe you’ve been considering a camel biz or are in one and you’re wanting to grow or expand? First, have you done the free biz training by our mentor Marie Forleo? If not... what are you waiting for!? (Link below), she’s the real deal! . Secondly, if you’ve done the epic and extremely helpful free biz training then you’ll know that B-School is officially open for enrollments. B-School helped take our biz from struggling to thriving. We tripled our growth in 12 months and more than won back our investment into b-school. Are you wanting to do it, but hesitate? If you trust us enough, Message us! We’ve had all those doubting thoughts too, let’s talk through it, find out if it is a good fit for you right now (b-school isn’t for everyone). We’ve been there! You don’t have to go up struggle hill! . Follow the link in our profile @camelconnection for the free biz training & more about B-School
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