Deep blue sea 🌊 @pulpriothair is the paint & lightner 🎨, @colortrak is the tools πŸ–Œ, @brazilianbondbuilder is the strength πŸ”—, @keracolorhair Purify Plus Lite Leave in, @usm@usmoothhair Hydrate cleanse shampoo & conditioner packed with vitamin B, C, & E with sunflower 🌻 oil to give her hair beautiful softness & shine while keeping it vibrant & moisturized. Styled with @usmoothhair flat iron. #btconeshot_vibrant18 #btconeshot_unconventionalcolor18 #behindthechair
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Golden Bronze ✨ πŸ†
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Red red for the Jack Attack!! Next time we will be lightning her and then using pulp Riot vivid's on her before she has to cut it all off!!! I seriously can't wait. 😍😍 . . . . . . . #missshelbzhair #halosalon #halosalon775 #redredwine #paulmitchell #elkohair #elkohairstylist #hotonbeauty #dopeafhair #behindthechair #licensedtocreate
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Sterling silver ❄️ color by me & style by @dale_of_fade ❀️ @schwarzkopfusa is the paint 🎨, @colortrak is the tools πŸ–Œ, @brazilianbondbuilder is the protection πŸ”—, @fanola no yellow yo pretone. Retailed @keracolorhair COLOR + Clenditioner in Silver to maintain those silver tones ✨
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@giulias_kleine_welt hat eine neue Haarfarbe πŸ€— schaut auf ihre profil vorbei um rauszufinden welche πŸ˜…
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Subtle sombre ❀️
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