Hope y'all have a safe and happy 4th! 🎇 Via: @dollyparton Follow us for daily pics! #dollyparton #dollywood #yellowroses #jolene #sevierville #ninetofive #queenofcountry #queenofcountrymusic
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Dolly Parton has a program that will mail your child a FREE age-appropriate book once a month from birth to age 5. No obligation, no catch, she just wants to make sure that every child has books. https://imaginationlibrary.com @dollyparton @imaginationlibrary #baby #book #children #christineglobal #DollyParton #education #free #learning #library #parenting #reading www.christine.global
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Not Dolly related, I did a video of @tinaturner performing “Proud Mary” through the years. Go check it out, there’s lots of singing and lots of dancing. Link in bio. #tinaturner #proudmary #dollyparton #dancing #dance
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Today I’m channelling my inner @dollyparton 💖 This is the other half of the disaster ‘Dolly’ dress (see previous post for skirt!). This dress taught me two things: 1. Sewing can be frustrating, even if you’ve been sewing for years it doesn’t make you immune to mishaps. Sometimes you just need a break from a project and then go back to it with fresh eyes a little later. 2. Never give up! Even the most ill-fitting, unflattering garment can be made into something you love! We see frustrated customers all the time, who often blame themselves for a project not going to plan. Sometimes the pattern just doesn’t work, other times the garment needs adjusting (as no one is a ‘normal’ shape or size!), and sometimes the cute illustration on the pattern envelope looks nothing like the real life garment! My Dolly fabric is from the brilliant @minervacrafts and it was all made using our favourite @janomeuk machines 😊 . . . #SewCreative #SewingClass #altrincham #dollyparton
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Another part of the "Dolly, Dolly, Dolly" series. #dollyparton #collage #handcutcollage #analogcollage
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When @onemorethinghq asked me to draw a self portrait (on camera!) and I was like OBVS this is the best version of myself (me in Dolly Parton drag at @mangosassi’s Wigstock) 💕 . I drew 3 things and @clairemazur and @ericacerulo (of @ofakind and @onemorethinghq) filmed it! It was a totes profesh setup and the crew was extremely awesome. Watch me blather on and paint very sooooooooon! . Sidebar: I’m not sure why I gave myself a meaty tuck?! . Sidebar: I’m still OBSESSED with this wig @wigsandgrace made me!!! . #pynk #dollyparton #dollypartondrag
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