It seems like overnight it went from tank flannels. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #Maine
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In diesem Seminar habe ich 100+ Leute über PASSIVES EINKOMMEN aufgeklärt. Man muss viel Schweiß,Blut,Tränen und Zeit in eine Sache stecken um danach ein PASSIVES EINKOMMEN zu haben.🚀🔜💸 Fakt ist : “Wenn du keinen Weg findest im Schlaf Geld zu verdienen wirst du arbeiten bist du stirbst.”💡 -Warren Buffet☝🏿 95% der Weltbevölkerung bestehen aus Arbeitnehmern und Selbstständigen, die beiden Einkommensmöglichkeiten erwirtschaften zusammen 5% des gesamten Geldes auf der Welt.😢 Die 5% Investoren&Unternehmer erwirtschaften zusammen 95% des gesamten Geldes auf der Welt.🧐 Als ich das gelesen habe(Buchname:Rich Dad Poor Dad) wollte ich unbedingt wissen wie ich Unternehmer und Investor werden kann.✍🏽✍🏽 Ohne 50.000€, einer Idee, Angestellten,nötiges Wissen über Unternehmen habe ich es geschafft mich zeitlich&geographisch unabhängig zu machen und habe dies in dem Vortrag geteilt.😇 Wenn auch du unzufrieden mit deiner jetzigen Lage bist schreib mir einfach eine Nachricht. 📲
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As I reacquainted myself with "How capitalism underdeveloped Black America" (Manning Marable), I read this portion a couple of times. To say it resonated with me is an understatement. . "Black women are not a class, but their history cannot be explored in the same context with that of Black males. Capitalist patriarchy, combined with racism, shackles the majority of Black women more firmly to the process of exploitation than any group of Black men. Black prisoners, the necessary human sacrifice to the capitalist criminal justice system, are also cogs in the productive process. Without criminal records, how else could the masses of poor be segregated in the modern labor force?" . As the author describes his examination of four key groups he believes comprise the Black majority since slavery. They are, the Black working class, the "Black reserve army" of labor (i.e., the permanently unemployed and poor), Black women and Black prisoners. . This 35 year old text seems as relevant today as before, think of it, Black women are so subjected they have to be singled out from their race! To cope, they've created their "sister/sistah" girl support groups. However, in the contemporary context, they've had to bring acknowledgement and energy to their plight through a hashtag - #BlackGirlMagic. Really America? . While it's my ardent belief the key to strengthening the so-called "traditional" Black family is the presence of the Black man, one can only wonder whether the improvement, uplift, and respect of "the" people is more likely to occur through the empowerment of the Black woman, the spiritual leadership and guidance of the Black male or their deliberate efforts as a couple...OR is it all of the above? ______ #TameTheBeast #MakeItHappen #BeStrong #DoTheDamnThing #DoItNow #DoItForYourFamily #BecomeALegend #LetGoOfFear #TakeTheRisk #GetItDone #DontStop #BecomeAnInspiration #TomorrowIsntPromised #ProtectWhatsYours #ProtectOurChildren #BecomeYourDestiny #MakeDecisionsForYou #LiveInTheHereAndNow #LiveToday #LiveWithPurpose #LiveWithIntent
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Fear rips us from freedom. It is the destroyer of greatness. The crazy thing is people are saying that they can't chase their dreams because they might fail or I might not be good enough. These are deliberate thoughts of the fearful. . Now unless you're being chased by a deadly animal, or by a deranged human or face physical harm fear is just a bad management of your mind. Fear is the thief of humanities light it will steal your joy. Attempting to cancel fear as a friend is like forcing a wolf to be a pet. Soon the pet will eat us alive. We all have the means to put out the fears but we lack discipline in using it, it's like having a fire extinguisher in our hands as our home burns then choosing not to use it because we have to aim. Makes no sense, right. . We think, "if I go on a new diet, I'm afraid I'll lose the joy I feel and eating my favorite foods. " "If I quit smoking, I'll lose that 20 minutes of peace I get by going outside taking long drags, so I'm afraid to quit". " If I leave that jerk I'm afraid I'll lose the love in my life and never find anyone else to be with." . The only way to defeat this is to analyze it very close, then reverse it. The more we look for evidence of our fears, the more we realize they are often faulty. . The person who looks at their fear of dieting, quitting a bad habit, or leaving a bad relationship comes to realize there is always less to lose than to gain in making healthy decisions for themselves. . So DREAM BIG and FOCUS on the positive, for it is much more useful than the long nightmares of negativity.💯
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