[AD] WOW! We have just had THE NICEST Sunday roast ever @nagsheadbrentwood Amazing food: I had dipping breads, followed by the most amazing lamb kofta with salad. I had the Roast Lamb for my main which was served stuffing wrapped in bacon, seasonal greens & roasted roots, a giant Yorkshire Pudding and the most incredible sauce and bottomless gravy! I chose the chocolate brownie and ice cream for dessert it was the perfect mix of hot and cold, the brownie was so soft and light and chocolatey - it was all heavenly. The flavours & textures just blended perfectly. Mike & I have eaten in some of the top restaurants globally and this definitely holds its own. We have both said it was one of the nicest meals we have ever had. The staff are very friendly and so hard working and the pub has just undergone a complete refurbishment creating the perfect atmosphere for a family friendly meal. We will definitely be back very very soon...! The Nag’s Head in Brentwood has just established itself as one of our new favourite restaurants 😋 Blog post coming soon! #our_everyday_moments #rememberingthesedays #parentbloggersuk #ukparentbloggersuk #hmcapturingmoments #ourcandiddays #hertfordshiremums #hertsmums #mumsofessex #essexmums #dailyfoodfeed #delicious #foodielife #foodiegram #foodiesofinstagram #foodpic #foodpics #familyfirst #familyiseverything #mytinytribe #lovemyfam #dailyparenting #documentingmotherhood #littlefierceones #motherhood_magic #developinglife #awonderfulchildhood #letsgolittles
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First time exploring Worcester Woods today and it was a family hit; ample free parking, lovely flat (pushchair friendly) walks and a cafe and play park! Love Sundays with my loves... 🍁🌲Teddy would spend her entire life outside... So if anyone has suggestions of affordable/free places that would be suitable... Let me know and we can check them out ❤️ • • Teddy is wearing her @twinkleandtwigs Geometric bear leggings... Probably not the best choice of colour to wear exploring, but they are so beautiful 😍 Teddy10 for a discount 🐻 • • #theodorable #toddler #toddlerlife #toddlergirl #firsttimemum #documentingmotherhood #mumswithcameras  #toddlerhood #wild #toddlerfashion #love  #photooftheday #mot#motherhoodugged #motherhood  #firsttimeparents #letthembelittle #littleandloved #growingup #sidekick  #bestfriend #myfamily #worcestershire #family #woodlandwalk  #worcesterwoods #february #sunday #familyadventure #exploringnature #freefamilydayout
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So last week I took the step to improve my physical and mental health by joining Slimming World. I know its a bit cliche and a bit cheesy but honestly since I had both of the kids and put so much weight on (around 6 stone to be exact) I have just felt rubbish. My confidence has been at rock bottom, my anxiety is through the roof and I had a complete lack of control over what I ate because I just felt like I wasn't bothered anymore. Like "I'm already big so I might aswell have another ___" or ordering takeaway every other night because I'm so tired, which again is down to my weight. I joined on Thursday and I already feel a thousand times better now I have something to focus on. If you want to follow my journey where I post everything relating to this and my losses, I have another account -> @fernoliviafood. Fingers crossed I will be a new woman by this time next year. 🍉🍏🥕
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Had to make this one after Eli woke up screaming through the house at 5am this morning only to wake the baby🙃🙃 Let's just say we need coffee this morning! Anyone else feel this?!😂 #motherhoodthroughletterboards
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Last night, Cyan had a meltdown. He only had 20 minutes on his tablet, as the day’s screen time was much more than usual. He had just gotten to a point on Roblox where he had enough thingys to buy the doowhopperdealie when he was told to shut things down. Instead of locking his tablet, he let out a horrifying shriek and threw the device across the room and himself on the floor.... Electronics will be the death of me, I swear, but I will be damned before that type of behavior is tolerated with a blind eye in my home. . I told Cy to go to my room. Instead, he decided to run into the guest bathroom and attempt to lock the door. I wedged my way into the bathroom just in time for him to crumble down to the floor and scream some more. I sat on the edge of the bathtub until he became quiet, then explained that it was okay to be angry. We’re humans. Things don’t always go our way, and it’s okay to be emotional about it - what’s not okay is hurting ourselves and others and getting in trouble in the process of expressing our emotions. Surprisingly, he listened. Cyan and I talked about ways that he could be angry without getting in trouble, and he came up with a few very good (and interesting) ideas, all before crawling into my lap for a hug. I made sure to remind him that no matter how angry or upset he ever became, I would always love him and be here for him to talk to. . I’m not a perfect mother by any means. Really, is there even such a thing? I am a mother who understands that sometimes listening is better than speaking, and that while discipline is necessary, so are reassurance and love. . Cyan lost his tablet for the rest of the weekend. Instead of screen time, we’ll spend time cuddling more and reading and learning from one another. #honestmomconfessions #documentingmotherhood #mamablogger #parenthood_unveiled #thisismotherhood #stopdropandmom #unitedmomsnetwork #momswhoblog #bedeeplyrooted #eternalmotherhood #habitandhome #honestmotherhood #inbeautyandchaos #letthembelittle #justmomlife #momlifestyle #joyfulmamas #motherhoodintheraw #motherhoodsimplified #motherhoodrising #motherhoodunplugged #mymamahood #slowmotherhood #thepursuitofjoyproject
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As Berkli gets older, mama over here starts to relax a bit more. I’m such a worry wart! Any other mamas the same way?! • Last night we tried our big girl bath tub and Berkli LOVED it! She also got to go swimming for the first time with nana & gpa the other day! (Two big things I was worried about) • Might have to get this little fish in swimming lessons ASAP. She absolutely LOVES the water. • I’m slowly learning not worry so much as a mama and starting to enjoy the big moments. ♥️♥️
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