Vintage . Rich . Textural . Botanical - Four words and a concept board that lead to so much more - A color scheme - Furniture, lighting and accessory direction - Did I mention that I also provide a list of product links and an implementation guide and helpful tips to execute the design in your home on your own terms? - This is ID Lite™ (link in profile)
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Happy Spring! 🌱👉🌼 . After sharing the before and after pictures of our current home, I dug up the pictures of our last home and shared the before and afters in my stories last week. . Thank you for all the compliments! Y'all are loving the before and afters so I'll try to keep 'em coming!❤️ . Here is our kid's shared bedroom in our last home. We had a townhouse with 2 master bedroom suites and they shared one of them. . **Inspo to decorate a shared boy/girl bedroom. I can't recall the color of this gray paint but this room started as blue, then green, then gray, haha. 👉Circa 2009-2014.
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Balance: Some times I wear my makes only once, other times I wear them 3 days in a row 🤷🏾‍♀️This shirt would be one of them and just happens to be up on the blog now. Check it out, link in bio! #M6346 #iMakeMyOwnClothes #isew
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It’s a little bit big and mistakes were made but I DID IT! I made a dress! Woo hoo! 🍾🥂🎉
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Gargantua! 10 feet tall and 19 feet long in black steel and special walnut. Big thanks to @oliviastutzdesign — can’t wait to see the finished space (and final staging!)
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I love tea, when I was young my mum used to make me a cup of tea in the morning before school and I felt so fancy. Now, a cup of tea, is how I start almost every day! Which explains why I had to try! It was so fun and I did a whole blog about because I’m obsessed with anything tea related! So if you love tea, or #diy activities, check out the link in my bio! ✨ • • • • • #labothery #torontoblogger #yyzfoodies #musttry #diystyle #diylife #springbreak2018 #mustdo #teaobsessed #cuppa #cupoftea #milktea #bubbletea #foodie
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