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She is the creative source within the universe she is the beauty in all things. I surrender myself into your will and your way. All of my thoughts and all of my actions are completely aligned with God consciousness. I seek to learn more about myself and my creator. My dearest divine I lay myself like petals at your lotus feet. I am purified by your presence as my sins are washed away by your existence. I seek to know more of mother divine, the nurturer of life the intelligence in all things, remarkable of the beauty that you bring, divine mother, o how I wish to know thee #divinemother
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🌺 Once somebody asked the Master: "Is God with form or without form?” The Master answered: "I have seen the Mother both ways. She is the indivisible Satchidananda, and again She assumes various forms for the devotees. ✨ At Kali ghat [in South Calcutta] I saw the Divine Mother playing with some children and chasing a butterfly. Another time I saw her walking on the Adi Ganga". ✨ On one occasion the Master told us: "Mother has come. She is wearing a red-bordered sari and has tied a bunch of keys in the corner of her cloth." ✨ He said this in the presence of Keshab Sen and others in his room at Dakshineswar. People heard the Master’s words, but the Master alone heard the Mother’s words. Another day he said: "The Mother is going up and down the stairs in the temple. ✨ Her hair is dishevelled, and her anklets are making a jhun-jhun sound.” Once in Cossipore he said: "Today I saw the Mother playing a Vina [a musical instrument].” The Master was absorbed in the formless aspect of the Mother for six months at the time of his sadhana. ✨ One day I went to Dakshineswar and found the Master sweeping the garden path to the north of his room. Seeing me, he said: "The Mother walks here, so I am cleaning the path.” 🌺
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This is a photo I took some years ago of one of my absolute favourite soul sisters to date. She is a source of all my inspiration. She is strong wise and a fiercely devoted mother. I contemplate you always my dear sister. Yesterday was Earth Day. Isn’t everyday an ‘Earth Day’ ? Do we only have one day a year to care about the divine mother when everyday she unconditionally cares for us? Earth is all around us. It’s the food we eat, the water we drink, the soil, grass and stones where we put our bare feet. It’s the trees which produce the air we breath, the fire that keeps us warm and the clothes we wear. She is the herbs and remedies that cure our sickness and takes away our pain. Physical, mental and emotional. She is the natural healer. She will always provide for us. Look around. Like a mother cradles her baby in arms we are also cradled and firmly wrapped in the arms of the divine mother, Mother Earth. Mother is god. Goddess. She is the soothing voice that blesses us to sleep with her soft hands. She is a source of inspiration to all. The fearless protector who brings peace into our lives and eases us into blissful states of consciousness we are unable to experience until we feel her embrace. She gives birth to all creatures and all of creation. It is she who decides to bring life into this word. She is the creator of all. She needs us now more than ever. Meditate on the Divine mother. #EarthDay #Earthday2019 #earthdayeveryday #ene#energyhealing #healing #motherearth #divinemother #consciousness #god#goddess #meditation #yoga #energy #god #raiseyourvoice
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🌍MOTHER EARTH I HEAR YOU🌍 . . I'm in such bloody awe of how synchronistically this life unfolds, when we allow it to. Back in 2012 I had a profound Shamanic Healing, which initiated a huge internal shift on all levels of my being, allowing me to finally heal the physical, mental & emotional crisis I was in. This propelled me down the path that I walk today. It was like I'd come home & whilst it was just the beginning, of the years that followed. I knew in that very moment, my life would never be the same again but could have never imagined to what great depth. It's been a beautiful unfolding & after first dabbling with the idea of doing a deeper 2 year Shamanic training about 3 years ago & it falling through last year even after paying my deposit. The time has finally come. Not because there is something to find, get or figure out, just a deep knowing that it's how I'm being asked to show up, arising from the depths of my being, along with some strong nudges from spirit 🤣 🙈 so here we are...Approximately 7 years since that healing, a couple of weeks away from beginning this training, which is the equivalent of a modern day apprenticeship. With the same person who provided that healing back in 2012. I couldn't be more excited & mother Earth has been calling my heart for a while. All i can say right now is WOW. In the light of the recent Extinction Rebellion protests here in london & Earthday yesterday. I don't think there could be a more important time to be doing this work. Over the next 2 years I'll be working deep in the woods, how our ancestors did, with the elements, in ceremony, learning from the spirits of the Earth. I can't even begin to imagine how it will unfold & am not even trying too. I am open, I am ready, everything has aligned, I have no expectations, I'm just simply showing up the way I'm being asked too. So that I can give more & serve more. CONT IN COMMENTS⬇️ . . . . #ear#earthday #motherearth #pachamama #nat#nature #shamanism #climateactionnow #extinctionrebellion #earth #rebel #synchronicity #shamanic #nature #love #unity #divinemother #spi#spirituality #spirit #soul #collectiveconsciousness #protectearth #one#oneness #harmony #awakening #oneness
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Detach from Drama 💜💜 Can be easy to slip into Another's drama... and like A whirlpool, ricochet into Their needs. 💜💜 Better to breathe deeply, Press the Pause Button, Be Lovingly Detached And ask for a different Perspective from the Divine. 💜💜 Which is where the Power (And real help) lies... 💜💜 Blessed Be 🌹🌹 #tar#tarotreadersstagram #tarotreaders #tarotribe #healing #lifecoach #spirituality #spiritguides #familyconstellations #witchylife #mindfulness #divinersofinstagram #spiritualadviser #oracle #channel #motherearth #div#divinemother #recovery #cardslinger #divinegoddess #divinemother #loveheals #catholicwitch #gemstones #unitedwestand #breathe #mediumship #jolandatarot
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Her depth was a boundless sea of glistening waters. Her beauty, timeless~ a silhouette of stars in her white wedding dress, the perfectly woven cosmic mess. She made love like wild fire, her own passionate muse of a burning desire. Her kisses, soft as the moon~ sipping on tea with her beloved in the rustic aroma of each afternoon. Her heart shaped as a bouquet of the velvet rose, the soft sanctuary holding the most ancient Lemurian codes~ illuminating her pathway of the sacred North Node. She spoke angelic whispers and sang the light language of the sun, merging as the warmth of the eternal one. She moves with the tides, sifting through visions of her past lives, with her emerald green eyes~ honouring the fall and the rise. She is not your expectation, She is her own salvation in a dance of co-creation. Encompassed by mystery, re-writing her story of poetic history. For one day her children will sit upon the throne of her heart, their wild spirit alive in the womb for when they are ready to take part on the path their divine souls have chosen from the start. Blessed by the medicine of the holy dove, she leaves them a legacy of untainted, unconditional love 🕊 #divinefeminine #divinemother #marymagdalene #mothermary #ladysarah #healing #trinity #lemuriancodes #sisterhoodoftherose #sacredlineage #royalbloodline #cocreation #visionary #union #destiny #pastlives #angelic
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