I know it's been while... Thank you all for sticking with me!!! Life threw me some lifey situations and knocked me on my ass for a bit. However I am back up, thanks to my newest guide for kicking me in my Ass like he did here!!! #Inspiration #BreakthroughRevelation #DivineGuidance Congratulations! You're finally "getting out of your head" and connect you more directly with your soul! The flow of communication between you and your Higher Self strengthening daily, allowing you to directly access your Spirit Guides, Angels and Spirit Teachers more readily. As you contact your Higher Self deepens, answers will suddenly plop into your Consciousness, like gifts from above. Your "aha!" Moments for appear with greater frequency, like light bulb switching on in your head. Over and over you'll find yourself in the right place at the right time. Under the influence of your Higher Self, you're steadily becoming more spontaneous, dancing in synchronistic flow with life rather than swimming Upstream against the current. Your Higher Self encourages you to unhesitantly trust your vibes at all times. Surrender Your Ego to them, and allow yourself to be gently LED, rather than using to old ways of figuring things out. You're being gifted with endless spiritual Direction and a deeper understanding of your Soul's Journey. Remain in constant dialogue with your Higher Self, and ask to override your limited perception and keep you on your true path. Then go with the flow. Your Higher Self message "listen to me!" #AskYourGuides #KnowYourWorthIt #ListenToYourHigherSelf
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Personal reading: I guess the message couldn't be more clearer. Stop worrying, stop feeling sorry for myself. Yes, I did suffer but now it's time to leave that behind me. I learned so much from all this pain and conflicts. I learned how to listen to my intuition and instincts. I learned to trust my guides, and the universe has my back. End this chapter now and move on. 😁 He can't hurt me again. I'm safe and protected. I know how to spot a Narcissist, so I won't fall for them.
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Wanted to share an update on this piece. It's definitely one of my new favorites, feel like I'm developing as an artist. Also thanks for following our walk. It's pretty neat championing this Godly message. Not easy! God said anything worth doing never is. If you know you know. God and I are doing some epic stuff together. Hoping to finish this painting this week. Stay tuned I'm putting up for sale. When God and I first became friends it was way over my head, it didn't make sense at first. It hadn't registered with me I was transcending to far off places like heaven. I knew I was traveling but the enormity of it hadn't sunk in yet I was doing some things never been done before. It's no wonder I couldn't find anyone with similar experience or find any kind of mention in books or religions. This was def. next level I met with Father God. The Creator of The Universe, Jesus' Father, Our Father in heaven. I'm sure it's difficult for some to fathom this but creation is greater than you can possibly imagine. And, we have the most amazing abilities. I speak with God daily. Life's amazing - I hope you know how blessed you are. "Abu Simbel" 60" x 40" acrylics on canvas, original art from James Martinez, 2018. #GraceToYou from #GodOurFather #JesusChrist and #TheHolySpirit #Author #Writer #Poet #Artist #Photographer #Filmmaker #Minister #JamesMartinez #IAMTheScientist #DivineGuidance #Inspiriation #SpiritualAndGodly #TranscendentArtist #OnceUponaTranscendentRealm #EternusSpirare #WritingForGod #WeChangedHistory
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As I journaled this morning, my spirit BOLDLY declared to me that I CAN do anything. And guess what! So can YOU! What great thing will you do for your life today? #thevoicecoach #lifecoach #affirmations #morningmood #goodmorning #quiettime #quietconfirmation #confirmation #thursdaythought #sunshine #sin#singbabysing #sing #mindsetshift #journaling #meditation #morningroutine #divineguidance #clarity
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