So honored to be playing at this legendary Jewel’s Catch One! #blackgirlmagic #divinefeminine #pioneer
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One thing I hear women say over and over again after going through the Yoni Egg Initiation is that they RECEIVE so much more than they thought they were signing up for. This is what one woman shared about her experience: "Its been subtle and also very powerful, I had a breast reduction when I was really young. I didn’t realise it until now: I was mad at that whole experience, and have been able to release so much of the resentment toward the men that harassed me when they were really big. I was in high school it was so confusing. Just going through this action of loving my breasts, smiling down at them has been so powerfully healing. I used to wrap them to squish them down in high school so that I wouldn’t get attention, I shamed myself for the size of my breasts until I had the reduction. Now, something is different, something has opened up there (pointing to her heart). A shift is happening. The egg does something where my body will spontaneously release, and a chill goes through my body. I feel that that’s the crystal working; for me to surrender to this is really powerful. My feminine is more intact, and I have a more secure connection to myself. In this group, I soften; in here I receive. This (the private Facebook group) feels really organic." When you join you receive: 🌹20 Audio and Video Practices done at your own pace in the privacy of your own home. 🌹5 Live Calls with information about feminine practices, yoni eggs, anatomy of arousal, orgasm and much more. 🌹Membership in a Private Facebook Group exclusive to the women in the Initiation, building a sense of safety and sisterhood. 🌹Ancient knowledge of how to use yoni eggs 🌹Ancient knowledge of Breast Massage 🌹An unshakable connection to yourself Now is the time sistars! Make sure you register before Feb 25 for the early bird price xo #divinefeminine #yoniegg #womb #selflove #breastmassage #tantra
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In our Ride Your Lotus class tomorrow, we’ll do a God Ascension Seat Meditation, where we’ll move through planetary, solar, galactic and universal ascension seat activations 🔥☄️💥⚡️💫 ✨ We’ll ask and receive the greatest possible ascension acceleration available to us individually and collectively at this time. Bathe in the divine cosmic love of the unification of the divine mother and divine father energies. Pure blessings of grace 🌹 ✨ Join us tomorrow 🌸 Sunday the 24th of February at 11am Paris CET, €22 ✨ Info & inscriptions (link in bio): ✨ ✨ #newearth #blacklotus #awareness #openness #belove #besource #ascension #onlineclass #meditation #lightcode #activation #healing #quanyin #rideyourlotus #divinefeminine #lightworker #spi#spirit/a> #source #enlightenment #oneness #starseed #lotus #spirit #soul #higherself #wayshower #om #chakra #vibration #lightlanguage
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💜There is much to be said about breaking through our human patterns and sequences. We believe it takes time, so we create a ‘process’ around this. We generate a deliberate delay simply, because we have never really been taught otherwise. 💫Change is NOW, change is when YOU choose, because YES your are that powerful. #choose #love #every #second #of #everyday
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Thank you @georginagraves for introducing me to the divine female rock, soul, musical goddess @maggierogers ... who rocked Brixton on Tuesday. Musicians like Maggie feed the soul. #maggierogers #thankyouforthemusic #brixtonacademy #soulsister #divinefeminine
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Sisters of the Divinus Sana collective after our sacred sensuality circle. Magick really does happen when women gather in love and safety 💜 Thank you so much to everyone who shared the evening with us 🙏 A beautiful review shared with permission from the gorgeous @kundalini.hippie "Struggling hard with depression and disordered eating, the connection and support from everyone within the circle and the space they held for me has allowed me to take away a feeling of euphoric happiness that I feel even a week later. A massive thank you for Sheree and Shiolie for creating something that benefits you on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. Excited to attend many, many more." . . . . #womenscircle #divinussana #sac#sacredcircle #sacredsensuality #support #sisterhood #divinussanacollective #goldcoast #sensualembodiment #ritual #ceremonialspace #sacredcircle #ecstaticdance #wombhealing #shakti #divinefeminine
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