#PhotooftheDayTarotCard #key17 #TheStar The Star has been one of my more difficult cards. I just haven't been able to get it to work the way I'd like. It is after all one of my favorite cards in a Tarot deck. I wanted to capture both the star and the flow of water in my photo. The star is all about #hope #inspiration and #healing. Tomorrow I will start sharing The suit of Cups. I still have mo ideas for The Judgment card, but I have all but 2 Cups finished. #tarot #tarotreader #tarotcards #innerwisdom #tarotcommunity #intuition #divination #photooftheday #personaldevelopment
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I'm doing by best to take time for the #fourarchetypestarot by @purefield.healing . This is the last phase, "Self" and I mentioned in one post for "Persona" that sometimes our masks are a portrait of who we wish to be, certain aspects of ourselves related to this mask unconsciously sprinkled in. . My point in this is I thought using the same deck for both phases would be interesting. . "What is truly important to me right now?" . "Share your Voice" It's important to us to have some kind of outlet to express ourselves. Everyone has a right to express themselves even if it's not with physical words. Creative pursuits in my own case. . Anything we create has come from us and is therefore our voice. It's up to us whether or not we choose to share it, and who we share it with. . "Leap" For myself I've had to do a lot of this lately and then feel regretful for being impulsive when it doesn't go as planned. But what if it were never *meant* to go as planned? This coming from a psychic, I still believe no one can accurately predict the future, because the present is ever-changing. The human mind is always evolving and no one can predict how that affects the future. . I'm still reminding myself that we're allowed to be afraid of failing, and try anyway. . "Pleiades" My growth is your growth and your growth can be mine. This card shows up when we are being called to raise the vibes of the whole planet by first raising them within ourselves. It's an ambitious mission, but y'all have seen this particular card how many times in our reads? 😂 . It wouldn't be greeting us so often if we weren't up to the task. . Transmission from the guidebook-- "I call upon Pleiadean consciousness of the highest realms and highest good of humanity to work through me. Let me be a channel for only the purest light of the essence of Source. Let me be a channel in a way that also serves me." . Sometimes this card reassures me that I'm doing something right by having this account and sharing reads with everyone. . Sending #positivevibes your way this evening 💜💜💜💜
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This was a fun one. Tea: 1 part red raspberry leaf, 1/2 part lemon peel. I see an astronaut and a dog orbiting over a moon, with two angelic figures keeping watch over them. This speaks to me of Laika, the Russian cosmonaut dog. She is one of my deity figures, teaching about sacrifice and rising up from the gutter into the stars. I don't know much about angel symbolism, but I feel like the figures are keeping watch on Laika and her human companion, keeping them safe in the vacuum of space. So... What an I reaching for, and what am I sacrificing? How does the balance between ambition and sacrifice play out? I should look to my spirit guides to help me on my path. #tasseography #tasseomancy #tealeaves #divination #witching #witchymama
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I was feeling particularly inspired by tea sets/plates today so you are all getting a healthy dose of grandma aesthetic today. My card for today was the Four of Wands! I pulled this card in reverse last night right before I went to bed and then upright the next morning after shuffling. It’s been awhile since I really went in on a card meaning so now seems like the perfect time to go deep. Let’s go! ✨ 🔮 ✨ On the Four of Wands we see a family of lions basking in the rays of the sun, adorned with flowery crowns. These symbols represent a time of abundance and prosperity. The Four of Wands indicates your pack stands by your side and showers you in affection and validation. Wands are associated with the element fire, our passion, spirituality, and sexuality. This lends its meaning to the sunny disposition of this card and its focus around spiritual prosperity and a joyful community. The fours in the Tarot are associated with the Emperor and appear in readings during times of stability and consistency. The Emperor rules over his life with the strength of his kingdom at his back. And like the Emperor, you are taking control of your world with the love and support of those around you. The fours are also linked to the card Temperance that translates the Emperor’s rule over his territory and those around him into ruling over ones self. This is a time calling for self control and a firm hand. We have our packs at our side and our kingdoms to rule. Be the leader that you are and enjoy the life you have built. ✨ 🔮 ✨ This card matches up quite nicely with my forecast for the week! There is still a lot of drama around the car accident earlier this month that I’m dealing with but luckily my family has been a massive support this entire time. This card is an excellent representation of that. What was your daily card today? What are your thoughts on the Four of Wands?
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@nataleeraemiller and I got our new @ame@amentioracle advance copies a few days ago, and I decided to do this week’s spread using our cards! Check out the latest post on @amentioracle for the full download + reading. Hope you enjoy and that the reading resonates with you! Preorder link is in our bio! 💕
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One thing I love in my sacred place is my alter. This little nook of mine is where I feel connected and energized. Also, not to mention it’s beautiful full of vintage glassware and also my dog Max’s ashes lay home here, for he is my guardian angel. The alter itself was a family heirloom that has traveled with me in every space I have lived in. Listed below is each crystal and smudge on my alter (Not pictured is my Jim Morrison poster hanging above as my crystal daddy). . . . Smudge: #palosanto #whitesage #mugwort #incense #lovespellcandle . . . Crystals: #flourite #clearquartz #rosequartz #calcite #aragonite #witchesfinger #sodalite #bluelaceagate #carnelianagate #smokeyquartz #selenite #obsidian #lemurianseed . . . #crystals #thepunkpriestess #witchythings #witchesofinstagram #divination #healing #alter
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