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Rodrigo Sardinha, 33, is a chef at Gastromotiva Refectory, a restaurant in Rio de Janeiro that prepares meals for the homeless with donated food. Rodrigo is adamant on reducing food waste in his country. In developed countries like the US, food waste mostly occurs when consumers buy more food than they can consume, resulting in a lot of food being thrown away at home. In developing countries like Brazil, however, a significant amount of food is lost or wasted before it even reaches supermarkets and homes. He explains the process of using donated food to prepare meals in his restaurant, which feeds around 100 people a day. "At the restaurant, every day brings something new, as we don't know in advance what [ingredients] we will get. We receive a lot of donations that we have to use on the same day, otherwise, the food won't last. From there, we start creating the menu." . Watch the #VR story of how Rodrigo, and other Brazilians, are finding ways to make use of what would have otherwise ended up in the trash. Click the link in our bio to watch 'From Waste to Taste'!
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I’ve been reading to Ellie since she was a newborn. Almost every night, right before bed, we will sit in our comfy rocking chair and enjoy stories from a book. Her favorite book is Tiny Blessings for Giving Thanks By Amy Parker. This 10 page book of gratitude demonstrations appreciation for our big world, colorful flowers, and the phrase “I love you!”—which is Ellie’s favorite part. . . We only at our 17394840304 time of reading this book. No matter how many new books I’ve introduced, Tiny Blessings for Giving Thanks, ranks her favorite. . . I always wondered why?! . . Maybe its the colorful illustrations or six sentence story that feeds her attention. . . Maybe its the predictability and consistency I’ve created by re-reading the book over and over again in the same spot and around the same time most nights. . . I wondered if it’s the tone and pitch in my voice that makes reading time exciting? . . Maybe it’s the sweet kiss I give her each time I read, “I LOVE YOUUUUU!” . . Or just maybe, reading with mommie simply just makes her oh so happy! And because it does, I will read with her for another 173947493074940448 times more! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #cam#campmess #hereweread #earliteracy #campmess #backtoschool #rvamom #seattlemom #momlife #pbskidsread #thebump #littlereaders #kidbooks #sel #nycmom #education #globalgirlsalliance #diversity #diversechildrensbooks #earlyliteracy #earlyliteracymatters #parenting #theeverymom #motherly #mothermag #momblog #teacherblog
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Mavi Balina is a radio show broadcasting on Radio BAM. It means sun, mistral, pastis and beers. It means all the diversity and beauty encountering in this port city explored by our Phocaean ancestors. It means voyage, discovery, friendship, laughter, dance and family to us. We started to share this journey with you in May with Turkey. We traveled to Greece, Italy, Germany and more deeply into Istanbul through our shows. Today we are coming back with Spanish sounds and looking forward to sharewith you more during the new season. Stay tuned and connected to Radio BAM to listen to us friends. Loves, your Balina 🐋🐋🐋 - #rad#radio/a> #radio #podcast #marseille #diversity #music #worldmusic #diskokebab #barisk #urfalibabi
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A simple conversation can lead to so many opportunities! What will your story be? Come Sip and Socialize with us this Thursday! You just never know who you will meet... Ticket link in bio. #Conversations #People #Opportunities #Meetup #Diversity #Nycevent #Happyhour
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