This caught my attention, this tomb was literally crumbling and nearly 150 years old. Yet among it's delapidated state someone had placed fresh flowers on top of the bricks. I assure you this is not staged for this photo. . . . #stlouiscemetery #lousiana #nikon #photographyislife #gallery_legit #lensculture #streetislife #amazingcaptures #NOLA #nola300 #discovernewplaces #discoverlouisiana #colorphotography #photooftheday #travelphotography #photojournalism
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Don’t we know it? Should any #travel loving #athletes with a #creative inclination pass through here: You’re welcome to stay, of course. #creativesarethenewathletes #discovernewplaces #joinusnow #creativetraveller
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Honestly though - Being vegetarian was easy when I lived on the island in Thailand. There were vegan shops and restaurants every 2 kms or so.Vietnamese food consist mainly of meat and, from what I've heard, is very delicious. Being in Hanoi, there were still places you could go to eat vegetarian but obviously being new, they were hard to find when you needed them. The busy, big city was also very overwhelming for me. I wanted out. Being offered a position just out of the city meant that I'd be away from the craziest and I jumped at it faster then you can imagine. Haha. Living the first few weeks in a hotel and not knowing where to eat that was vegetarian had me feeling like I could probably just go home now. (This is also the moment I realised how much of my life revolved around food, haha) Seriously, I was ready to jump on that plane. But the stubborn side of me stuck out the uncomfortable and now I couldn't be happier being able to cook my own meals and also finding little gems of vegetarian restaurants around this little city 💙✨ #gratitudepost GOODNIGHT✨✨
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