Как сделать прогулку только для влюблённой пары если гости тоже хотят много и долго фотографироваться? #фотографджулифокс #julifox_ph ___ 😉 Второй фотограф для гостей. Можно на пару часов или больше. Хоть по сто разных фото 😉 Договоритесь с парой, что гостей фотографируют на банкете. До банкета--только молодоженов 😉 Шоу- программа для гостей на прогулке. И волки сыты, и овцы целы ___ Запись +79147913063 Стоимость www.julifox.com 💖 How to make a walk only for a couple in love, if the guests also want to take a lot of time and be photographed? ___ 😉 The second photographer for guests. You can for a couple of hours or more. At least a hundred different photos 😉 Agree with the couple that the guests are taking pictures at the banquet. Before the banquet - only the newlyweds 😉 A show for the guests for a walk. And the wolves are full, and the sheep are safe
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When in Rome... meet up with friends from Chicago and make some awesome pics! Molto bene! 👌🏼
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Now that’s my kinda love language! Hold hands trough it all, wedding day, child birth, poop explosion diapers; hold hands through it ALL. @bprettymua @carmelaferro @kimdrosdick @beyondthepinesphotos @sidonios186 @pinefloraco @fccdecor @lipstickbaker @idinspireddesigns @wildhorsecollection @ballroombeauty @mariposaevents @fairyflorals
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a little unsolicited advice for my dating friends who have turned bitter: _____ stop saying 'all men/women cheat' or 'men/women are all the same' or some variation of that. Take a closer look at who you're attracted to and who you attract. Figure out why you keep letting people treat you any less than what you're worth. And lastly, stop boxing yourself in. The amount of people who are uncomfortable with dating outside of their race/ethnicity/etc in 2018 is insane. Why set limits on who you can love? k, I'm stepping down from my soapbox now 🎤⬇️
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Zosia i Adrian 😍
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when your squad is 💯 these bridesmaids were sooo much fun to photograph & their love & support for the bride made them your real life bridesmaid goals.
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