• Empathy: Building castles on the horizon of hope. • ✧ ✧ "It may seem that empathy is a very heavy task. Sometimes it may even seem that it's all about fighting with the windmills. When you see someone's going through a difficult time, you try to make it go faster. But time is ticking away anyway, so there's nothing you can do about it. At least you can hope that the better times are coming. When you see someone's blue, you try to make them think pink. But actually, it's impossible to do it because mind is such a rational thing and you can't persuade it so easily to change the opinion. Oh, what a heavy task, indeed! But did you ever notice, with the eyes of your heart, all those people near you who are carrying a heavy load on their shoulders? Those heavy burdens made of stones, pressing their breaths so hard that their faces look numb and their eyes are full of tears... Empathy doesn't sound so heavy anymore, does it? In fact, it can be so efortless action but with a powerful effect. It can build a castle out of those heavy stones, making someone's burden just a bit prettier, with an entire new view of the magic of hope. Hand in hand, you can make a whole kingdom to those people with simplest actions like smile (it's very contagious!), kind word (it's caressing the soul), conversation (it eases the pain), listening (it encourages) or specific help (it keeps the faith alive). Every single one of us can make a change. Find it within you and start building someone's castle." #MegiPicsArtist /22/03/2018/ ✧ ✧ Part 12 of my R.E.F.L.E.C.T. series. --> For each letter, there is a word and for each word, there are stories I will share with you. ✧ ✧ Created with @PicsArt editing and drawing tools. ✧ ✧ #empathy #castle #hope #makeachange #heartofgold #bekind #inspiration #imagination #magical #elephant #purple #flowers #shortstory #dreamy #art #artoftheday #loveart #creative #digitalart #digitallyart #thecreativers #artofvisuals #artistry_vision #worldofartists #editfeature #creartmood #instaart #watchthisinstagood #madewithpicsart
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788 | 1000 #everyday Thank you so much to all 6,000 of you guys now following my work! This art is my dream and I’ll never stop making it. I truly appreciate all your messages, support, and kind words Thank you for being a part of this journey ☺️. _________________________________________________✨PRINT GIVEAWAY✨ to say thanks I wanted to do a print giveaway! Winner announced in 24hrs How to participate: 1- Follow @teyleen 💁‍♀️ 2- Tag a friend in the comments below that you think might enjoy my work 🤗. You can get this print or any other one you’d like!
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One last goodbye 💔🦏 Sudan, the last male Northern White Rhino has died this week. My heart is broken. His passing leaves the species a step closer to complete extinction and is a stark reminder of te need to protect our planet’s wildlife from the mistakes of mankind. We must fight for the beauty of our world before it’s too late! 🖤
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