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We carried out the 2nd fix on this stunning kitchen today & what a beauty it is. LED downlights & under unit lighting from @collingwoodled , decorative pendants from @franklite_ltd , sockets & switches from @scolmore_group , appliances from @neff_home & new smart TV from @lg_uk all combined to make this a gorgeous kitchen any home would be lucky to have. We're returning in a few weeks to fit plinth lighting once the tiling has been carried out.
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Me at the present time. Hello! Over the last couple of weeks I’ve not been writing quite enough, but I’ve been researching a lot for Ring The Hill, and walking in some interesting places, including The Otter Valley, the wild and huge Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol, and my beloved Dartmoor (again), and having some special swimming lessons to make me less like a big ungainly springer spaniel in the water. I’ve also now finished the audiobook of Jude The Obscure, which means I can feel a bit more positive about the universe, until I tackle my fourth Hardy novel (probably in about fourteen years). #books #hardy #dartmoor #ottervalley #devon #thomashardy #swimming #spaniel
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