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Grrr Am i viscous now? 💀😅 and anyways you 5keletons just check @uniqso they have amazing contacts, plus they are really comfortable 😱👁 • ~ Question: Do you guys prefer the mask or my face? 🤔 • Camera used: Fujifilm X-T20 Lighting: Neewer LED Ring Light 18 inches. • (Follow my Page @dj5kull for more Content 👆🏻) • (Tag or Mention me if you want to use my Posts 📸) • TAGS: #skull #crazy #photography #creative #publicfigure #dj5kull #devil #dark #blood #goth #gore #emo #alternative #halloween #horror #scary #creepy #spooky #grunge #art #creepybutcute #mask #skullmask #infinity_undercore #brutalmasks
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Click the link in our bio to watch our latest video with elderly devil Herod, as he gets some kai and a bit of a check up! 💚 As is inevitable with all living things, our animals can reach an age where they require a greater level of care and attention, which is the case with our Tassie statesman Herod. This is especially true for animals that are as well cared for as ours, who more often than not, reach grand old ages in a zoo environment due to the dedicated care of our veterinary staff and keepers. As our carnivore keeper Nick says despite his age, all signs still point to Herod being ‘quite a healthy lad’, such as his appetite for food and enthusiasm for playing tug-of-war to get it! Visit one of our devil keeper talks each Wednesday and Saturday and you can see Herod, our two newest devils Levi and Smiley and learn more from our keepers about why we have these incredible and endangered marsupials at our zoo.
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