HOW TO DESIGN AND STYLE YOUR WORKOUT ⠀ I’d like to welcome everyone to Project Workout in sunny New York City. ⠀ You’ll be designing your own collection of workouts with exercises furnished by Mood. ⠀ You have 5 hours, GO! ⠀ Oh, I LOVE Project Runway. But it’s definitely not the same without Tim and Heidi. ⠀ I’ll give you everything you need to design and style your own workout! ⠀ There are 3 parts: ⠀ Warm up (Fabric) Big lifts (The outfit) Little lifts (accessories) ⠀ Your warm up is the most important part of the workout. You cant start without it. This is where you get your body ready to move. A great warm up is sustainable everyday and has three ingredients: ⠀ 1️⃣Aerobic exercise. Don't forget the most important muscle in your body, your heart. 5-10 minutes on the treadmill, bike, or stairmaster will get this done. Nice and easy though, not trying to break any records right here. ⠀ 2️⃣Overall strength exercise. Kettlebell swings and leg lifts do a great job of getting your muscles warm ready to go. 3 rounds of 25 reps. ⠀ 3️⃣Exercise specific movements. These will help your muscles get ready for their exact workout. If you’re doing squats, bodyweight squats for 3 sets of 10 will help you be ready for the big lift. ⠀ The big lifts are bench, squat, deadlift, and overhead press. These exercises need to be kept at 3-5 reps for 5-6 rounds. This will help you build strength. Take a 2-3 minute break between each set. This will help the energy in your muscles recharge. This is the staple piece to your collection. ⠀ Now, lets style the workout with the little lifts. These compliment your big lifts, like the accessories to an outfit. Shoes, hand bags, headbands, you know the deal. The workout wouldn't make sense without these. Do these for 10-15 reps at 2-4 rounds. Examples of these are leg curls, chest flys, leg extensions, and side raises. ⠀ When you put the whole collection together it should look something like this, Warm up Squat 5x3 (big lift) Lunges 2x10 (little lift) Step ups 2x10 (little lift) Leg extension (little lift) Leg curl (little lift) ⠀ I know you’ll do great and I’m here if you need me! ⠀ Make it work designers!
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Such a pretty day. Monday has started just about right. 1hr strength training in the gym and 40 min stretches out by the pool. Not even the so called fake-eye-lashes-patting-Personal Trainer-I-glance-my-self-every-30-seconds-from-any-surface-that-reflects-my-image-while-I-do-not-follow-if-my-gell-butt-client-who-hired-me-to-train-in-a-privat-gym-has-a-correct-form. I don't know who breeds these people and how mind blowingly self-centered women can be in this region, but with that thought I managed to get a good workout, much needed stretches and plenty of sun. I'm ready to go about my day with slight amused mood. #iWillNeverGetUsedTothePeopleInHere #panamá #panama #pt #mujeres #pty #laughable #amused #personaltraining #learnyourworkout #followyourform #designyourworkout #breakthePTmarriage #youcandoitonyourown #reflection #notshocking #workout #gym #ejercicio #exercise #stretches #noyogaforme #beconsiderate #mindyourmanners #sali #treeni #huumoria #eikestä #expatliving
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Upper body workout for when you want to hit every muscle group 💪 . Today’s upper body session was v intense and targeted all upper body muscle groups so I thought I’d share it for you to try! I did 4 compound moves for each of the upper body key movements (vertical pull, vertical push, horizontal pull, horizontal push) with some accessory exercises at the end. I like these style of workouts because you target various muscles which means that you don’t completely burn out 1 muscle group, meaning you can lift more as your muscle isn’t fatigued. I try to alternate push + pull movements so that I go into each exercise with the muscle ready rather than exhausted and I find that I’m able to push myself harder 💪 So today’s workout was: 1. Barbell row 3X9 2. Bench press 4X6 3. Lat pull down 4X11 4. Barbell shoulder press 3X12 5. Tricep dips 3XAMRAP (as many reps as possible) 6. Dum bell bicep curl 4X10 7. Lat raises 3X10 I always try to do compound movements first so that I do the heaviest lifting while I have the most energy. I also vary rep ranges using both the strength range (1-8 reps) and hypertrophy range (8-12 reps) to help progress my lifts. I hope this can give you some inspiration for an upper body workout!! #diabetes#fitness#t1d#diabeticfitness#diabetestype1#diabetesfit#diabetic#diabeticmuscleandfitness#upperbodyworkout#strengthtraining#hypertrophy#resistancetraining#designyourworkout#training#inspiration#motivation#beavisionary#workoutsplit#howtostructureaworkout#intenseworkout
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Sometimes you just gotta put your hair up and do it.... The times we don't want to work out are usually the times we need it most. I was tired today so I just wanted something quick but I wanted to feel it, ya know? This took me about 15 minutes but I felt it. Workout: 6 exercises plus burnout at end 10 reps of each Exercise unless it's a bilateral move, then it's 20. 3-5 rounds ( I did 4) To make it more advanced, try not to take any rest or very little rest between moves. You can also set a timer for 20 minutes and just repeat the rounds for the full time. 💣Front squat to reverse lunge with press ( don't go to heavy so you can maintain form) 💣Heavy dumbbell swing 💣Plank dumbbell pull through 💣Single dumbbell curl to press (go heavy) 💣 Dumbbell Heisman 💣 Dumbbell pushups BURNOUT: DUMBBELL HOP OVERS 20X FOR 3 ROUNDS ( VERY LITTLE REST,) #fitmom #fitlife #girlswholift #momswholift #strongnotskinny #dumbbellworkout #goheavy #circuitwork #designyourworkout
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Let's get it ladies!! Tell yourself everyday you can and you will!!!! 🙌🏋🏃‍♀️💪👍 • • • #getfit #designyourworkout #ificandoitsocanyou #[email protected] #workhardplayhard #noshameinmygame #iwillkickass
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Come join me @sportimequogue this week and check out the amazing lineup of other classes to find balance in your #fitlife : Mon 8:30-9 am: ‘Core Power’ Tue 8:30-9 am: ‘Power 30’ Wed 9-10 am : ‘Spin’ . •30 minute #power classes to focus on core stability, function and toning...before you run off to one of our other great classes to kick off your day! . • #summerinthehamptons #designyourworkout #quogue • . . (Check out the full schedule in my comments section on FB)
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