good evening Finsta. anyways ik nothing about the sport called Cricket. idk how one scores or anything, all ik is that these Aussies over this way take the sport very very & i mean very seriously. so much I've seen brothers come to blows against each other lol. seen flat out domestic violence happen regularly lol. these Aussies are definitely crazy for their team. BUT they don't know how a whole city, a whole state falls in love with their sport team like how we do back home in Denver Colorado, im telling you my city literally bleeds Orange & Blue on Sundays in our fall season, when we win our sports championship in front of a billion people watching on the tele world wide we tip over cop cars the night we win the big game, like we did 2 years ago. but none the less it's cool to see Aussies get shitfaced drunk like we do back home for games & raise hell doin it. u guys make great sports fans for sure 👌👍 & i think it would be a great thing for the NFL to play some real games here in Melbourne, or in Sydney because this world over here would go ape shit over our version of football 🏈. #JustSaying #RandomRant #DenverBroncos #DenverColorado #BornAndRaised #UnitedInOrange #Cricket #NFL #Melbourne #MelbourneAustralia #Sydney #SydneyAustralia #FutureNFLMarketingManager
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It just feels so right 💖 Washington reminds me of home meaning that I could totally live here without a problem. No wonder so many of my fellow Coloradans left to Washington after school! This place is more than spectacular and even though I don't remember it as a baby lmao I am a former #washingtonian of a year lol but will always be a #rockymountainlady born in #wyoming BUT raised in #denvercolorado I will always and forever consider myself a #native
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