Prolifers be like “tH3yRe B0tH aLïve y0U mURd3reR” and then you find out that’s it’s NOT THEIR BODY. “Let me just make decisions about your body” they say, throwing their advice left and right, telling others to suffer through pregnancy and childbirth, and raise a child they don’t want. The real question is: Is it your body? If not, keep your opinions to yourself.
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Sexual harassment should be punished accordingly, regardless of gender. The phrase “boys will be boys” is not an excuse for rape.
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A #CoastGuard lieutenant arrested last Friday on gun and drug charges allegedly wanted to conduct a mass killing. Christopher Paul Hasson, 49, of Silver Spring, Maryland, is alleged to be a #whitesupremacist who had a hit list that included prominent #Democratic #politicians as well as several #journalists from #CNN and #MSNBC. So, while #trump is creating a fake #nationalemergency at the #boarder, a real emergency is happening right in this country's backyard. #domesticterrorist #whitechristianterrorist #kkk #amerikkka #whiteprivilege #thisisAmerica #donaldtrump #wakeupamerica #massshooting
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I’m not sure where I stand in the immigrant problem. Obviously there are those who are here to escape war or other problems, and they should definitely be able to stay AND be treated equally. There’s always exception though, like murderers and terrorists, but should those people decide the fate of everyone else?
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I totally agree... we are brainwashed by society to follow certain “normal” standards, and anyone who challenges these standards are labeled as “weird.” However, I’m proud that a major proportion of humans finally are able to open their minds and accept people for who they are.
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At first I thought some people were spray painting precious art, until I read that the woman was forced into the kiss. I’m so glad we have evolved to look down on harassment. ❤️
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