Livin our best lives in Croatia πŸ˜›πŸŒž #dayone #croatia #wemadeit
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So proud & so happy. Forcing you to be my friend turned out alright I guess...Congratulations, much love. β™₯️ 🍷 #dayone #bagel (P.S. next time you ask why you put up with me..I took a 6 hour train, slept in an airport, 3 hour flight, and drove 4 hours to watch you walk across a stage for seconds just btw)
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If I don't put in the work, I'm never going to change. I know what it takes to lose weight, how hard I have to work to get there. So why can't I just make the choices I know I should make. I've been laying in bed all morning so I decided to get dressed and get off my but and go for a walk.
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Hello squat old friend. It's been a minute. I hardly recognized you. #dayone #legday #fitover40 #getfitwithme #backinthegym
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