Sixteenth grid replacing the accent with the bass drum. Trying to get this squeaky clean with the click. #100daysofpractice #day8 #griiiiiiiids
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My glowy after workout selfie 😁 I'm on day 8 of 80-day obsession with @autumncalabrese wow just wow. I'm down 7 lbs so far and its only been 8 days. I just love when you see results right way, it's such a great feeling. Plus you're more inclined to stick with the program and stay accountable. 💦 I really love this timed nutrition, you eat certain foods at certain times of the day. There is so much food and that is a must for me since I love food 😍 Are you ready for a change, then please come and join me and my fit family we would love to help you 💕 caring for others is hard work don't forget to care for yourself ❤🌠🙌 #80dayobsession #day8 #glowy #weightlossmotivation #youramazing #shineon #lifting #postworkoutselfie #workout #hardbutworthit #joinme #over50 #ageless #healthylife #happylife #wintergoals #birthdaygoals #selfcare #afitcaregiver #teamheartbodsoul
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Day 24 of #sel#selfloveseptember 💕 #day8 of #fitnessforunicorns 🦄 Today I love my ability to accept change despite how much I fear it. My body changing as I recover is terrifying. Intentionally giving up some control is scary. But I practice being neutral about my body and how it’s changing every day so that I can be recovered for life this time around. 💕🦄 Day 8 of Fitness for Unicorns involved a long walk around my complex and strength training. Focusing on my strength and being able to physically do more (like carry around all those books I bought at the book sales over the weekend) makes it easier to accept the changes my body is going through in recovery. 💕🦄 #selflove #selfie #anorexiarecovery #orthorexiarecovery #recoverywarrior #yesiwearthisshirtalot #itookthistodayiswear #imjustacreatureofhabit #likeacat #okaygoodtalk
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Assalamu'alaikum.. Semangat pagiiiii Semangat selasa menjemput asa 📚Buku terfavorit sepanjang masa📚 Ini dia buku terfavorit sepanjang masa, buku dengan teknologi canggih bisa mengeluarkan bunyi bila di sentuh akan membuat anak kita semakin penasaran membacanya, dan yang pasti ini buku bekal penting untuk masa depan anak kita😍 Nutrisi sehat untuk otak anak kita, isi usia masa keemasaan anak kita dengan ilmu pengetahuan sebanyak mungkin agar imajinasi nya terus berkembang, dan buat anak kita gemar membaca sedini mungkin agar kelak remaja mereka sudah terbiasa dan gemar membaca😍 Buku adalah jendela dunia anak akan tau banyak hal dari buku yang mereka baca, jika dari kecil sudah di biasakan membaca buku insyallah dewasa nanti anaknya tidak akan malas untuk membaca buku, semoga anak-anak kita semua menjadi anak-anak yang cerdas dan gemar membaca 😍 Info pemesanannya : 🌸PIC by : Resa Ranjani🌸 #WWP #WidyaWiyataPertama #KelasKonsisten36 #day8
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Monday’s are always the day people hit the snooze button, cancel workout plans and eat poorly because they didn’t meal prep for the week. This Monday I had to reset my mindset. I had a rough work week last week, a busy weekend and am in the process of fighting off a cold. BUT, I still managed to eat my timed nutrition, get my workout in and put a smile on my face as my students came to class today. Monday’s can be hard, but the best feeling is not letting it bring you down. Stick to your goals and be that positive energy everyone needs in their life today. #80dayobsession #day8 #teamattitudeandeffort #mondayssuck
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On my way home yesterday, going through a tunnel I noticed these signs lit up. If I needed to walk out of the tunnel, this sign would tell me the quickest way and it glows in the dark. So if there’s a power outage, I can still navigate. There’s repetition with the little exit person and it’s pointing in the direction I’d be running. The type could be bold to make the distance clearer, perhaps this gives way to order of read; which way to run (1) then how far (2) #90daysofshillington #day8 #shillolon #visualdiary #design #designdiary #wayfinding #sign #ifitwasmereadingthesigns
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Basically the last three days in one post.
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