SIKE y’all ain’t getting 413 art this year just these two (I actually had this doodle from before 4/13 but I was already working on something else so I’m posting it now) • • • • #homestuck #davejade #jadedave #jadeharley #davestrider
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Oh what this? More homestuck cosplay! Oh boy! Love these lads @and_peggy_schuy @brickosaurus_bex @sonja0678 #jad#jadeharleycosplay #dav#davestriderlay #kar#karkatvantaslay #karkatcosplay #homestuck #homestuckcosplay #karkatvantas #davestrider #davekat #jadeharley
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Karkat is a bartender. Pretty simple. Well how did he get the job? He had decided to get the job after figuring out a few of his friends go there whenever. Really he only wanted to watch over them, but had stayed for a while since it gave him a good pay and he got to meet pretty interesting people. Now you go to this bar frequently and have talked to him several times. Weather drunk or otherwise really. You would say that he's rather good at his job of taking care of the place. The only thing he seems annoyed at is when drunks either flirt with him or start fighting then he gets a bit more hot headed. He complains a lot, but nothing much or personal. The only real personal thing you've ever learned about him is that he tends to smoke. Really his friend had got him into it and he's tried to stop, but it never seems to work. You find him rather fascinating in a weird way. Though you've exchanged numbers once you never really talk all that much. Then one night when you over and you knew it was his shift a fight was seeming to start as you noticed Karkat was watching it contently. Finally he said he'd be back. You didn't question it too much and just watched as he walked over to the two and said something that one of the guys obviously didn't like because he started yelling. Karkat rolled his eyes and started, "Get out now." He seemed to be completely done. Then what you saw could have shocked anyone. The guy had grabbed an empty glass and hit it against Karkats head. It shattered and Karkat growled now feeling his head. "Get the hell out of this bar NOW." He said absolutely pissed. The guy just snickered, but left the other guy quickly sat down aware of Karkats glare suddenly. You were completely stunned, but noticed the brightly colored blood  that made the air tense. Shit.
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Happy Anime Boston everyone! Spending Friday night in the best party cosplay I could think of... 😎 . . . . Since so many people have asked already, the happi jacket I'm wearing is from this year's AB merch table, it's got AB logos on it! 🥰 . . . . #AnimeBoston #animeboston2019 #ab2019 #ab19 #animeboston19 #cosplay #cosplayer #homestuck #homestuckcosplay #davestrider #davestridercosplay #marchdave? #hotspringsdave? who knows lol
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If you think my art was already hideous, you haven’t seen anything... • • #homestuck #homestuckmemes #johnegbert #roselalonde #davestrider #jadeharley #cursedimages
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Dave! . . . .first pic is by @knifeclown . They are very talented!!! . . .#davestrider #cosplay #hom#homestuckstrider #homestuck #homestuckcosplay
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