Nicki Moore wishes y'all a wonderful tuesday 💋💋
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Presented by @the_l_e_ns Photo @drgotts • • • • • • #DanielRadcliffe is quite an amazing guy. As an actor that has been defined by one character for most of your career is a weight to carry around with you. Ive known many actors over the years who have said to me “It doesn’t matter whatever role I choose, I shall always be known as ……..” Although I have this feeling Daniel will not be saying the same. He has already breached out into a whole host of parts totally different from #Har#HarryPotter, and not just on the big screen. His theatre work is quite extraordinary too; from #Equus to #HowToSucceedInBusinessWithoutReallyTrying. It was during the #Broadway run of the latter this portrait was taken. I had noticed his body shape had massively changed. He was fairly stocky with this big boxers neck. So with some clever lighting and a tilt-shift lens on my camera we created this shot. There is something unsettling about this shot I love…I cant put my finger on what it is. I knew I wanted an unexpressive face, which was difficult to achieve as he kept giggling. His funny bone kept being tickled because of the choice of music that was playing. My playlist has possibly every genre of music you can imagine. So when songs flipped between Mozart, Black Sabbath to Dolly Parton…Dan Rad got the giggles. I throughly look forward to seeing what the next role shall be presented by this marvellous young man. Happy birthday! #HarryPotter #DecemberBoys #TheWomanInBlack #KillYourDarlings #WhatIf #SwissArmyMan #Jungle #BeastOfBurden #LookAtTheSizeOfMyWand #OhOhOhItsMagic #photography #celebrityphotographer #blackandwhitephotography #AndyGotts #OneShotGotts
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I'll be reposting some of my old edits in black and white because I'm archiving some themes. The flowers are from @/abesfilters
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