I know a lil girllll that makes the rock’n world go rounddddd 🌎💞💫 #daddysgirl #tomboy #girlswhoshoot #girlshunttoo #raisedhunting #bowlife #traditional #myprincess #brincess
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Yellow, my name is Emersyn. But you can call me Emmy. 👋🏼 #emersyngracedelarosa. #fashun #photoshoot #stunnershades #dtsa Thanks for the outfit @heceliza @gorillini @mrsjoanneho
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So packing is going great 🤣... . T-minus 4 DAYS till move out!! I feel like I've been packing for months (because indeed I have... started in January) and yet somehow there is still so much that still needs to be done 🤪 . We have a few additional weeks till we should close on our next house, and then have some renovations we hope to get started right away, so we are moving in with my grandparents for a while till our new home (☺️☺️🥰) is ready. BUT, the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight!! And though these last few months have been (unbelievably) hard, I get it, and I'm thankful. Our next chapter wouldn't have made nearly as much sense without these last few months of uncertainty, I've really enjoyed getting to spend so much time with our family of 3 all together, and the Hubs has really stepped up his box fort game 😂❤️
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I’ve realized that my entire Instagram feed is about Mia... but my entire life is about her. She is the funniest girl. Her expressions are so dramatic, her opinions are so prominent. She is so fun to watch grow and develop! Today we went for a walk as a family and Mia LOVED every second of it. When we had to put her in the stroller (due to traffic) she screamed until she could get out and run around. This child is amazing. #prouddadmoment #littlemissmialee #dadlife #daddysgirl
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😭 My little turtle is 8months old today and she is just so strong and moving lots and i never realized how much love i could have for someone until i laid my eyes on her 8months ago!!! #Cora #daughter #daddysgirl #mommasworld #loveatfirstsight
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