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Made it to 100k!! 😭♥️ 10 months ago when I started this account to track my progress and hold myself accountable I could never have imagined I’d gain 100,000 of you lovely lot following me on my fitness journey. I am so so so grateful - your kind comments and messages make me so happy everyday ♥️ I really hope I can help to motivate you guys with my workouts and daily posts on your own personal journeys too 🙌🏼 I have a really exciting giveaway for you as a lil thanks with @myproteinuk and I will be posting it sometime next week so keep an eye!! 😘 and what better way to celebrate than with a giant Millie’s cookie 🤷🏽‍♀️ Best gift ever 😂🍪 Hope you’ve had a lovely Sunday guys ✨ Leggings are @Peacheecollection 💖
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Which one are you 🤣? Tag your friends👥! Follow us mkbodywork for more !
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