:)))Happiness is a choice not a result... Nothing will makes u Happy until u chose to be Happy..Your Happiness will never come to u.. It can only come from U.. If U are trapped between your feeling and what people thinks about u.. Just chose the right thing.. And the right thing will always makes U Happy... Some people just wants everyone to be happy except themselves .. Your Happiness is your own to find..!! Do things that are pleasing to your Heart❤.. The only thing that can make u Smile and Happy is being Happy for what U are and what U have..!! Every one is blessed Allhamduillah.. Its just the way how U see things..!! No one is like u.. No one can be U..!! U are U.. I am Me..!! Everyone is Beautiful..!! No one is alone Allah is with us..!! Smile Smile Smile....!!:)))))... #cuteness #happiness ❤❤❤😇❤❤❤..!!
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